Armory bonus in CRW.... wtf?


0% defense… really??? this must be a mistake…


Practice ghosting there… see how Scopes fixes things? :rofl::grinning:



I already got 1 can there… so I go for it after the MH.


I have an infirm instead of mayor house. Ours gives 10% crit lol


@JB.Scopely this cant be right can it? @CombatDevIl @CombatMan


80% attack boost? Impossible to defend. Balance is no where in Scopely definition of gaming.


Remember the good old days when the landmarks gave red n blue bonus attack as well as green and yellow. The last landmark was 50% defense.


I actually got a couple defends while the opposing team had that tower lol.


Yep same here. Why the differences?


It changed to 50% defense about 1/2 hour ago.


Yep, it’s now 50% defense. Which you will need it if the other faction gets mayor’s house​:joy::grin:


Why are some regions allowed to get while some arent?


Part 2 of CRW should have all towers disabled in all regions. It went active right toward the end of Part 1 if you happened to be warring to the last.


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