Aris/Wyatt/Andrea Offer & General Rant

Currently in the shop I have a very highly-priced offer for outdated toons. That aside, the fact that the offer only contains a fraction of the gear needed to max them is a small reflection on why I am growing tired of this game very quickly.

I have played pretty much since the start and every day I find myself getting less active and less stimulated by the game. I used to pull for toons like crazy but now it takes weeks and weeks to get close to maxing new characters cos of the ridiculous gear drought. The amount required per toon is way out of kilter with the rate that the gear is obtainable. At this rate I would have to grind for well over a year to max all my 6* and that doesn’t even account for AR trainers let alone new additions to the roster.

New content is welcomed but grows tiresome as quickly as it arrives and the general excitement of the game is wearing off more and more with each day.

Everything is dictated by endless solo event milestones, faction events grow more and more sporadic, the power creep is continually managed only by the 100s of “incredible offers” that appear in the shop on a regular, predictable cycle and event rewards grow weaker and weaker with each week. The average top 3 solo event reward would cost you less than a beer and save a day or two worth of grinding.

I had a clear out of my old phone data recently and found some pictures and screenshots from the game back in the day. It brought back memories of how much more exciting things used to be…playing for fun and not through habit.

What happened? :confused:


Rise in the cost of pancakes & syrup.


Well…post them pics and we can all bask in the nostalgic glow.

hold the line for 100$, noice


They only cared about updating the things that made them money and not the things that made the game enjoyable. There is so much stuff in this game that is severely outdated.

For example. After years of waiting for them to update the main story we got 2 whole levels. What a joke!!!

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You’ve played since day one yes the toons are outdated, but to the newer players, and aspiring future whales, I don’t think those toons are available so I guess sorry that the offers aren’t something you find viable in your miopic opinion. As for everything else you wanted about I don’t think anyone would disagree with you

Does availability have anything to do with it? Those three toons weren’t even good in their day, let alone now. £100 for them is shockingly poor value.

Plus it felt hyper rushed and super bad with their “To be continue…” not stylized at all, like, put more than 5 minutes when you write this kind of story

The toons probably not but the accompanying gear, trainers, and food help.

I don’t disagree the gear is useful, but all can be got in other offers for much less or with a bit of grinding depending on how you are inclined

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That deal would still be garbage even if you got all 3 as 6-stars for $100.


I bough that package. Walking Dead got no more chill. Saling b.s package with some old toons. Saling trainer package for 34 dollars. What happen to good old 5 dollar package or 7 dollars deals

Aris isn’t horrible, but I agree she was never part of the meta. I’ll grant that the other two have always been worthless. They are also still available-I have had Andrea drop twice and Aris once on the limited time wheels.

i would buy but i dont have that offer

Those old toons don’t stand a chance vs any new toons. I laugh at any1 who wasted the money on that. Actually any1 who drops over $20 on any toon in this game has issues or has never played any other game out there. For instance Diego, people dropped over $200+ for a single virtual toon thats the price of a Xbox or PS4

Well you also have people paying and thinking SC is a great but so who knows what people are thinking.
Heck I don’t even know what I was thinking years ago spending what I did.

W8 till they fudge up again and put good toons for $10 or less.

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