Aris pwn'd some zombies


Hold the Line!

Pretty awesome, do you have a video?


I wish I did, I could barely keep up snapping those shots. She singlehandedly took out a wave 2 of zombies, which I’d never seen before with her. She has absolute defense on her weapon, so that kept her alive, plus her heals. Trust me, it was awesome to witness just now.

Lemme add this is through the NORMAL SR, not the tourney.


What level?

  1. I don’t do it often, but hot damn. 1 vs. 20+ zombies?

Thats like Tyreese clearing roamers from the gym in the comics


And she doesn’t even have crit!!!


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Probably! She is truly under a class of her own. Lemme see if I can pull up the team that died around her in this.

Thanks Nero! I’m really happy I took footage of it. I was worried she’d die, but she kept going! Auto the whole time! That’s why I didn’t get photos on zombies 17, she was slaying so fast at that point.

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This is who I “had”

Lol don’t forget people crit hits are fine now, as your team shows need to run tank teams over crit if you want to succeed, but either way pretty cool one versus an army

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They really ought to make another safety behind bars variant. This time one that can easily take down groups of walkers alone.


Well she has Annie lead…

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That is so badass bro!!


If they had made her ap 66 she would be the priya of 6 stars. The most incredibly op toon that makes everyone rage lol.

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Luckily she’s 85. Even so, I use Andrea and she can put in some work even with the high AP cost

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Andrea is deadly I wish I had her.

Wow! Thanks for sharing Raz!
Aris is so badass.

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Ya they should Make a Rick or someone from the Comic book with this power

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