Aris and OP Gear Bag reward crates?

This has become a huge issue. A lot of times old collections token images will change/glitch, and now there are these crates in old collections?! What?!

Same here

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Scopely just remove old tokens and items from the game, not surprising. Same reason why people who never spent old tokens and items have been able to cash them in against new collections

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Why is this such a huge issue? What is the problem? How does this affect any aspect of the game for you?


I’m confused. What the hell is this thread about? Guess I’m not smart enough to understand.


i dont see how its an issue as they are old collections and you cant get them now anyway

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Well…it’s an issue if the bag or crate is left in inventory and changes there as well…
If it purely a visual change in an already ended museum collection, then no concern for anyone

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