Aren't much weapons around

So right now I’m slowly getting to become an S2, and I’ve noticed how the Spec Ops SMG is becoming a popular weapon for players with rather powerful alert characters (like 6* Mirabelle for example). All the other weapons I’ve seen I haven’t noticed being used that much. Also while there is a good amount of weapons already, I believe the game needs a couple more weapons, preferably 4*, as I’ve mentioned, there needs to be a weapon that could compare to it.

I see spec ops SMG but I don’t really understand why people use it, to each their own I guess.

Comparable red weapons are desert eagles and revolvers. There are a bunch of limited time stuff out there too but for reds those 3 are the staples. I see your point though, every color only has 2-3 good weapons.


Unless you only have Spec Ops SMG, crafting these weapons is a retard choice. Failing a +30% happens often and very large ap bonus can be crafted without DT/PK.
Modifying revolvers or Deagles (or Negan’s SMG) is a better option.

Moreover, the characters holding these SMG look retard too


I’ve got one w/ 2 huge bonuses and stun on defense (so none of the original stats). I just used it because those SMGs are rather common once you get to mass farming (I’ve got another 4 with the crit stat boosted for SR walker levels) and because when you’re replacing all 3 stats it doesn’t really matter what you start with so long as it has the right rarity (I did the same thing w/ Ezekiel’s Shovel and a St. John’s knife. Extra 4 star weapon I wasn’t using so why not?).

Because if you used a DE or revolver, you wouldn’t need to replace all 3. ie) if you used DE, first mod is add stun, 2nd mod is whatever, 3rd mod is INCREASING defense on top of the built in 30% def. You’re keeping one of the base mods and making it stronger.

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If one of the stats you want is there already then yeah, go for first 2 then boost it. But again: if you’re replacing all 3…

My main point is that every stat except probably AP on defend and HP already has an associated weapon. So all you need to do is figure our which stat you’re going to go with, and then just pick the appropriate weapon.

ie) If I know I want def on my red weapon, I craft using a DE since DE already has def. It would be wasteful to use revolver and then trying for a 30% def on that.

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I wish there was a blue weapon with base 30 def, only trait that doesn’t have it

This is true and I do that the majority of the time as well. However sometimes a weapon looks really cool at legendary so I’ll try my luck throwing a special stat on it to see what happens. I’ve gotten very lucky with a few weapons that need 3 slots from the get go. Like Morgan’s axe that thing looks bad ass so I tried for stun and landed it and same with Jesus scar gun from sr depot landed impair on that both I got the special stat on 1st attempt. It’s obviously better to start with a weapon that has a base stat you plan on keeping I just like the look of certain weapons as well.

You can roat the spec ops smg. But that’s like roasting what zekes cane
Why do ppl not roast zekes cable well its simple
I fail stun but get bonus crit am I fucked no
If I got hershall had to mod a wepon what am I gonna pick spec ops smg why less time to mod up
I don’t want to have to constantly waste pk and dts on revolver which could take 5 years any kind of logic would Implie I have good toon i need to get him ready quick
And actually of you want to save your dts and pls don’t mod revolver
Assault pistol, is the one to do for stun your against spec ops smg because its so cheap to mod
All you have to do is applie stun.
That’s one pk or dt if lucky

Replace atk with hp or def with with ap on atk
Again one pk or dt
Then upgrade 5 on the 25 def or 25 atk stat
That’s one dt or spray can
Then what you should end up with is either
Huge or very large bonus to ap on atk

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