Arenas will help us quit

Full of bugs (not really a surprise), matchmaking is sheer luck. Entry tickets have to be bought… and now, with these bonus multipliers before the combats, scope nicely ruined the system. Pay to enter, pay to play, … why not just adapting the same policy in wars? We pay the war energy refils, but why not introducing a matchmaking that would be easier (easy factions) provided that you pay for it? Then, priori the battle starts, you pay again for a potential bonus points multiplier should your faction win? Of course, without any guarantee… step by step… well done guys!


@GHOSTONMETOAST help us, severe case of anime violation right here



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No…just no

You get tickets in the daily login, in survival road, and now in the lvlup.

You stated:
"Arenas will help us quit "

But you should change the topic to say “Arenas will help ME quit”. You do not speak for all of us ma’am.

no further comments needed


This has been happening a lot lately

I would like further comments, why bother screenshotting my profile? incase you miss me?

Funnily enough, new user Quill’s last post was 2 days ago (with the account being only 3 days old) and now you are a 1 day old new user, also defending Scopely.
I could go back to the one that stopped posting just before Quill started posting and the one that stopped posting just before that one started too and highlight the breadcrumb trail… But to be honest, I just can’t be bothered.

what are you talking about Clifton? What is quill? I asked karl a question and you started blabbing away

You see you’ve given yourself away Quill/all previous pseudonyms, anybody who wasn’t would have said ‘who is Quill?’, but you overcompensated to try and show you didn’t know what I was talking about. You also have the same pattern of trolling and defending on threads.

Im not sure you understand what I was trying to say. I think you need to take a breath and chill out with the conspiracy theories. Sounds funny tho, I like it.

Hes supposed to represent us in PC :joy::man_shrugging::man_facepalming:

Stop giving them ideas on how to monetize the game, yo! :joy::rofl:

That’s why I chose this header

I am pretty much only playing casually nowadays, so I actually quite like arenas. I only enter the one time, have a bit of a bash and that’s it. The five star throwback was cool, made me feel like the other half of my roster isn’t useless anymore… for four battles at least haha

For me, the main thing is that its different to the other modes based on those team restrictions. It would be interesting if Scopely actually did something with their dog tag system and restricted total team power in wars etc. May make people actually think about what team they could take - or even reignite some team build discussions.

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Yeah the 5 star arena was great! Good event in my opinion and actually making me play more now…except arenas stopped working for me this morning, after the game updated…cries

I think Arenas are a breath of fresh air, loved getting out my yellow sawyer, revenant strike abe and shiva force Jesus yesterday!

However today I haven’t been able to log into the game all day so we’re back to worse than before!

Arenas will help lots more quit … maybe :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Sure will. Poor attempt to milk a Max of peuple. Smart move this ´fog’ preventing us to see that it’s useless to spend tickets for a direct entry @ Max multiplier…