Arenas vs Recent Promises

Ok seriously only the top few teams get the promotion rings. So the trend continues.

Players: The gap between heavy spenders and light spenders & f2p is the worst it’s ever been
Scopely: We hear you and will be working on it
Also Scopely: Here’s a new feature. Only top players will be able to strengthen their existing rosters.


I’m strengthening my roster daily, only it’s my Warriors of Waterdeep roster getting upgraded while this game gives me doubles from each war and will soon only take up space until deleted. Find a new hobby.

This is actually quite false. The top players are in platinum and gold?

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There are lots of top teams (or at least pretty strong ones, S10 and up) still in platinum. They play the promotion/demotion game to avoid diamond league competition for coins.

I’m guilty of it too tbh, tho i wouldn’t say I’ve got anything close to a top team at this point. But i do avoid diamond league so i can compete with more players closer to my strength. At least that’s what i always hope for anyway. :slight_smile:

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Thats a big false

Of course they aren’t. So how are only the best players getting better? Only 5 from each league get rings. So 65 diamond 5 players get ZERO while the top 5 in gold and platinum each get some…

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And what exactly are the gold and platinum players suppose to use their rings on. Better stats won’t do them any good

I know some spenders in there. But even then, you can compare diamond 5 to diamond 1. And then it’s all RNG based.

But yes, most likely this will cause movement within the divisions. Which is pretty stupid to base it off RNG.

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