Arenas..... so yeah,

Does it have to be every week? It’s getting a little overwhelming. Does anyone else find themselves not even attacking sometime?

Did the first day haven’t touched it since

It’s very overwhelming and not really that much fun. It has a lot of flaws that has been addressed numerous times on the forum but so far not much response from Scopely.

I don’t know if it’s the idea of being criticized for a new feature or what it is but the silence is not exactly bringing much hope that anything will change.

So far it’s proven to be what people called it out to be - a P2P event where people can buy their way to the precious rings

And so the gap will continue to rise :blush:


Arenas aren’t bad at all, neither is hordes… it’s all good but when it’s literally on going constantly I personally lose steam to play.


I don’t disagree - the idea is good; it’s the implementation that still has miles to go.

If it was an event that occurred from time to time then yes, but this way with it being daily it is a step in the wrong direction for the reasons I mentioned above.

But like I said - Scopley must have a master plan we don’t know about :wink:


Unfortunately scopes only has 1 plan $$$$$$$$$$


Personally I like the arenas, I like the format and the variations, I think it is way better than war. I spend about £10 per month and it is great for me to rack up those season trophies.

Yes people who spend heavy get the top prizes but they do in all events anyways so dont bother me…


Love it. I play a lot sitting at a desk all day gets boring. It’s good to have something to turn to in those dull work moments. Don’t tell the boss!

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I would only say that for any mode that’s endurance any of them that is domination with one entry you can get lucky and get the best score

I also like it, for the most part. Been playing completely ftp and doing alright. Good source of rings, but have not used any of them yet. Still can’t decide who to upgrade. But as they say, “to much of a good thing.” Running it constantly, takes the shine off of it.

Also, the bugs are kind of maddening. In the final arena, it won’t let me change my defense. I change it, but the one that people are fighting is a completely different one. It won’t update. Anyone else having this problem?

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i barely do anything and can make up to 1500 coins a week with leagues end up around 10 gold tickets with gets me top 3 till a pleb coins his tickets

I generally miss about 2 arenas a week, either I forget, or just don’t have the time to make it happen. I only have like 19 rings due to that, but I sorta don’t care

Didnt you know scopely would never run an event where they knew it was broken thats why we havent see Hordes in a while and its not on the horizon.

Arenas on the other hand, people will spend on that so its no broken and can continue :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


yup.It’s just raiding and it ain’t free so it pretty much sucks.

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Im not spend anything and i still can sit in 2nd place of champion arena this week, beaten by someone using coins i think. Its not that bad though. Its the place where I can beat p2p easier than in normal raid. Might use around 25 tickets this week but I got more tickets from battles and rewards. So the amount of tickets i have from last week is still the same

For this arena week, got like 20 rings for free.

Domination is possibly the easiest arena mode - with a free attempt you might be the number one and stay so for the rest of the challenge.

It’s not all bad totally free

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Been saving my tickets til I drop to platinum. People spending stupid money in my league

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That’s what I did saved :+1: