Arenas scoring is BS

Did my attacks in order to maximize points. Even with this it was impossible to get into the top 5. It should not be this way.


domination is completely random, pretty bad gamedesign.


Very shitty design. One person can get lucky on their free entry and score 1st. Meanwhile I can do several entries and getting the max possible score each time gets me nowhere near even the top 10. Why I refuse to do anything more than my one free entry in domination mode. Way too much RNG in this game. Beyond ridiculous.


I think theyget a better score by spending more tickets on an entry but i may be wrong

So you should always get better points then the other that want good scores?

I’ve burnt 10 tickets before trying to get a better score think they only give so many decent ones

I do my free entry in domination and then thats it. Any spare tickets get saved for endurance. Domination is such a pot luck arena. Not fair at all.
I feel for domination you should be able to look at the teams offered without using a ticket and then refresh the arena to hopeful pull better matches. It would bring a new level of strategy to the arena.


They need to find a balance though. Used 4 tickets… 3 times highest 5 were between 3k and 3.3k. 1 time had 6.4k, but only 1 3.2k and 3 below 3k. My highest score is 32k and am #6. #1is 42k. :man_shrugging:

Peopol calling domitation lucky is such bullcrap…You can get first in pijts if you do it correctly…And make sure that nobady in your team dies;)

But then all would have same score. They need to have a little RNG to make a winner.
Sorry but it is no other way. And all that enters want to have a good score.

Hmmm… That’s what i did. But clearly your opponents are rng based.

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Of course. But maybe they can give the option to freely (not with coins) change 3 opponents from the list.

only 45 people playing

,only 45 people" that meant 90% get shit.


That does not seem like a good system, Everyone would reroll the opponents until they have the max score available in their arena, so everyone’s score would end up being tied, which means the first one to get it wins. Heavy bias toward time zones that can be online at the exact moment that the arena starts, and just as random as the current system - the player who gets lucky on their fifth roll will beat the player who needs 500. The only thing it adds is a lot of pointless rerolling and mental arithmetic.

They could, but it would probably be easier to just add three more opponents to the list - it would have the exact same result but doesn’t need an additional interface by essentially doing it for you automatically.

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Most BS with arenas is that he that got best defence never gets most points becouse he cant fight himself.

No, thats BS, if you put in irder the Best scores and atack the Best 5 of them, in irder minor-manor you cant win cuz its not fair, even if all your team never dies.

Wrong. Your opponents are random, so you can get opponents that are worth a max of 19k while some other guy gets opponents worth 23k. It’s completely rng and the only way to get a good score is to get lucky or keep entering until you get good opponents.

I put it this way. Endurace scoring is stupid. If you like endurance then stick to raids. This crying over rng for dominance makes zero sense to me. How else are you going to have diff scores? Lol. Or hey we can just do endurance scoring and it be another straight up cash grab lol. And a lot of yall arent even attacking in the right order bc the scores prove it. And instead of crying maybe try a 2nd or 3rd time to get better options to score off of. Makes more sense to stay out of endurance and use tickets on dominance since any given ticket can net you top 3 where as you’re at rhe mercy of your opponents in endurance smh. The only folks that have the right to gripe or those with high team grades and will never place top 5 or even 10 bc theyre giving away more points than they can get back - that is literally one of 2 shit parts of the event, that and buying back in during championship rd.

I’m right there with you, I’m done with this horseshite!!! I did 10 attacks in drafts and I notice that on each entrance I’m not given enough possible points to get any higher than 28k. Which doesn’t even put me high enough to qualify for any rings. This game is getting shittier by the day!

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