Arenas scores changing after attack is made

When you go to do an attack in the arena it will tell you that you were supposed to make a certain amount of points for five stars and then once you make the attack you do not get the amount of points you were supposed to have made, I have brought this up to the support team and this is what their response was when I ask them to refund the tickets that I wasted and didn’t not make first place due to the points not adding up properly. If you have known that this issue is going on why did they not tell us and why do they continue to run half baked events?

The points shown before you attack is the maximum points you can get if you win turn 1, ever turn you take lessens the points you get. The only discrepancy is on the display screen showing how much you get after you win, as another posted stated you are shown a 20% increase value that is wrong when you look at the point break down.

There is an official post on this.

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Thanks a lot I don’t even know why I bother contacting scopley support when there’s people like you who can give a proper answer, they should hire you for their support team you do a hell of a better job than they did just goes to show how what idiots they have worked there

They aren’t told much and they are given standard answers to supply based on some keys words in most cases. Sadly the players know more what’s going on in most cases.


Idk why they would promote 1 turn wins.

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Players were frustrated with the amount of RNG involved with arenas when first rolled out. You could enter domination a dozen times and never draw 5 opponents with high enough possible scores to come in first, even with finishing 5 alive every battle. So, RNG on arena scores was tightened up (I don’t know if it was 100% removed or not, but it was definitely tightened up). Problem then becomes: everyone can tie by winning every battle 5 alive, and that’s no fun either. So, the devs settled on bonuses for winning in fewer turns. Note, that doesn’t mean they expect you to T1 a 6* team. (In fact, my suggestion is to log all T1 wins, to flag any account that’s winning classic arena in one turn). The maximum bonus comes from finishing in one turn, but there are bonuses for finishing in 2 and 3 turns as well - maybe even further down, I don’t know exactly when they stop.

It’s kinda like war, rewarding those who quickly dispatch their opponents, but in arenas you can play each attack slowly and think it out because it’s not time-based but rather turn-based.


I dunno how it works but I turn 2 solid teams and dont get the maximum points. Turn 1 is Impossible for a s class led team so dont see why it’s even advertised as available


It is possible for example if your opponent has a dropped defense.

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Right, who TF wins on the 1st turn

The thing is sometimes you will attack and get hard teams other times the teams will be even more hard, They need to give us a good mix of harder teams and not so hard teams and score the fights accordingly but they are too lazy to make things work properly

Well duh but that’s clearly obvious

They could been more creative by change the bonuses by week by week. For example using no rushes. Not using active. Having mix trait. But yes their players out their using Aarvar with commands to finish teams in first round. That why I stared to see more Negans on defense. Yes the Arena needed some tweeking cause similar score after 5 matches. Maybe they could of figure something else out instead promoting first 1 st round max bonus

Honestly T1 wins or generally winning in less turns should be rewarded with more points since it actually takes more skill and team building than bleeding teams to death in 20 turns boring auto fight !! I wish they would implement this in other aspects like raids and war to make the game rewarding for having skill and thinking through team builds


Plz share this video

Check on YouTube. Cant show teammates videos. Disadvantage you know

Im one of those ppl lol. Its all about team build.

It’s funny they don’t mention that anywhere in the rules like we’re supposed to waste our lives reading everything they post on the forum all day

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