Arenas rank rewards should be incremental from lower league division to highest

I play in two different regions. I’m in Platinum V league on the main region (level 128, S9++) and in Platinum I league on the secondary region (level 33, S5).

I noticed that the rewards structure is exactly the same in both arenas. So, for example, a player ranked #1 in arena Platinum I receives the same rewards as a player ranked #1 in arena Platinum V:

  • 15,000 Solo Trophies
  • 8,000 League Tokens
  • 3 Champion Tickets
  • 7 Veteran Rings

This equivalence in rewards applies to every single rank position.

The level of activity and engagement of players in Platinum V cannot be compared to that of players in Platinum I.
I rarely play in my secondary region and I got better rewards from this event there, without much effort.

Activity and engagement should be rewarded, not discouraged.

Shouldn’t the ranking rewards structure be incremental from division to division, just like it happens in League ranking rewards: the higher the division, the higher the amount of league tokens, season tokens and coins received?

Is this “equality” intentional, or was it an oversight?

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Also, in the future please consider introducing new events which affect league standings drastically at the beginning of a new season, when players are still qualifying and have a whole season ahead of them to understand the combat rules and the scoring system and adjust accordingly.
I’m at risk of demotion to Platinum IV because of this event, after a whole season in Platinum V (with a brief visit to Diamond I during one stretch).

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No let’s keep it this way. I barely play this garbage game already.the entire reward structure is based off rng of who it decides your enemy teams will be anyway. None of this is fair honestly.First time I have felt rewarded for doing nothing. Smacking around s8 teams and will prob score 5 rings from it. Platinum 1 for lyfe!!!

How about the fact that players in platinum one get more rings that 60 players in diamon 5. Just a wonderful idea.

This is done so those 60 spend to compete to be in the top 10 to actually get a ring. Just another way they out a competitive twist on spending.

Oh I know… but it won’t work out for them. Will just alienate their players even more. If that’s even possible.

Just scratch this whole thing, rather unfair for the ones in higher leagues

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