Arenas Progress Reset - Android Players *UPDATED 9:50PM PDT*

Players who experienced this issue should now have their milestone progress & rewards restored. In addition to this, any earned Champions Arena tickets have been re-distributed. As we realize this was not an ideal experience, we are sending 4 Arena Tickets all players who were impacted by the 21.0.6 arena lockout and the subsequent arena progress reset from updating to 21.0.7. Please expect to receive these tickets via your inbox within the next few hours if you were impacted.

Thank you for your patience and our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.



Original Post:
We’re currently aware of an issue where some players on Android devices who recently upgraded to the 21.0.7 app version are seeing their progress reset on Arena Milestones and Champions Arena tickets. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and we appreciate your patience as we’re working on resolving the issue. We’ll update this thread with more information as it becomes available.


Thank you for your acknowledgment however this should not have happen. The championships is tomorrow and unless you guys plan to compensate players then arenas is a bust. I myself will not be playing the current arena since I will not have a gold ticket unless I spend for additional tickets. That is not fair to me to have to spend to make up for your error.


Thanks for the communication.

I think Arenas have a lot of potential - they have been pretty enjoyable (even with the bugs and stuff) I hope they will be taken down however after the champions event to be fine tuned a bit and then come back in better shape. Thinking long term here not short term.


Hopefully you can fix this before champions start

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I hope you take some time to fix Arenas and implement some of the structural feedback too instead of rushing it out again next week. Compensation is a must for those affected by the reset and lockout of course

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Not a fan of them at all

I bet 1 veterans ring that next update say it is solved.
No other updates.
Who bet against me

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I noticed my score wasn’t getting any higher in the first couple arenas. It did seem to accumulate with each entry in old school more, but then I was locked out before I it timed out. I also lost a gggold tickett. How do I PM you my account code.?

Maybe you can say why support gives coins and tickets to some players as compensation and others like me get message saying you dont get anything we cant give compensation , i lost 750coins lost my gold.champion tickets, lost.regular tickets ,lost progress ,lost rankings in league, how are you going to compensate me


Really it reset all my progress great fix guys why not next time test it out first

And raise you 5 burts, one lilith, and a raid can

So wait arena is going on right now? I haven’t had a new arena for 2 days now but thought it was over. I’m missing out on them now?

Hope it’s fixed by tomorrow otherwise, I will lose out on the champions tomorrow, as my tickets are now gone :disappointed_relieved:

Apparently so

Awesome… just checked and am missing a gold ticket as well. GJ Scopes!!!

Alles weg bei denn arenas danke scopley, ihr habt mal wieder bewiesen das ihr nichts könnt, ich verlange eine angemessene Entschädigungen, viele auf denn spiel wollen schon eine gruppe bilden um bei euch dagegen vorzugehen

Seriously Scolpely fix this!
I’m tired of all this issues…
I missed out on previous events as well as game just crashing, etc. and nothing…
Giving freebies to other players = probably friends and family… Lol


I personally love arenas then I got locked out and all my stuff was reset. I spent coins and lost my champion tickets. That’s the o oy thing I hate about it but I hope arenas continue.

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@ForumAdmin @Shawn.Scopely

I was locked out all of last round in arenas… Still no compensation…now look, I’m a android user, and I get screwed again. Thanks :roll_eyes: