Arenas point scoring system

I am hoping to hear from a developer regarding the point score mechanics on arenas.

  1. what are points of enemies’ teams set from? Team grade? Def at the time? Overall best teamgrade? Rank in league? Totally random?

Understanding this point mechanism is key to scoring well. Please help us all understand how to play our best!

  1. since we are at the mercy of point rng, can we please have some sort of consistency in the future with it? A score of 50k should be achievable by everyone.

EDIT Should be achievable if you can beat the team.


When a B++ team with 1 crappy toon gives u 13k points and an s11 team gives u 3k, its obviously that they dunno wth they’re doing


I have a theory it is based off highest teamgrade, just like war algorithms. But I want a definitive answer from the source

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They will never answer. That would be considered communication and that is heresy


literally click the “i” button in the game. wow. almost every single question on this forum about arenas is answered in the game

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Edit: There’s also information in the following topic: