Arenas, please make them somewhat fair

Please fix and make Arena play somewhat fair. My team was 5 alive all 5 battles, none more than T3. I chose the 5 highest possible scores and and went from lowest to highest. I am not even close to the highest score. This is why I don’t like Arenas.


What is wrong.
People have 1turn attack teams in arena so they will make more points then you
Protip: get yellow toons with +8 weapons (lester)


As Tsarraz said, turn 3 is not good enough. All my attacks are turn 2 and even then I’m only 5th place currently.


The only problem i still having is.
Are you best defence you can never win becouse everyone else still make more points n you then you ever can make
RNG opponents even if you winn all 2turn you still nowhere close to mr good luck


None of my battles went past T3. Let me clarify that, only the last battle went to T3, the 4th battle went T2, other 3 were T1. I should not be that far out. Yea, there is a problem.

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Somewhat agree. I T1 all 5 matches and currently #1 but it’s just rng. Game is just a lottery, or better, it depends on your bucket. Grinding is no longer worth it.


I killed all five turn 1 and used about ten tickets retrying. Still only ended up second in my platinum league. Obviously the guy in first was turn 1’ing everyone as well but just ended up with a slightly higher score then me.

Thats the game… I don’t see a problem with it and not sure what scopely could do to fix that. Do you think we ahould be equal first or what is the solution here?

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Use another ticket maybe? You don’t know how many tickets those players used.

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Cant t1 on 5* (i cant)
Stay out of the kitchen lol
And save for later arena

Lol. True story. Some are easier than others.

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What’s your T1 team?

I run a T1 attack team. So naturally I’m going to score higher than a T3 attack team.

What’s your team?

Build a defense that people cant 1turn, and people will skip you, or play you early on so that the point diffferential gets the lowest multiplier. Later on, the turn bonus is more important than a slightly stonger defense.

And if your defense value is far, far higher than all the others, you need to go into a higher league, so you can have a chance at more points from opponents. There’s a punishment for going too high in leagues (and there shouldn’t be, within reason), but there is also one for going too low, especially in Old School.

But yes, in the end there is going to be some randomness. Let’s assume we removed this randomness and everyone had all opponents available. You would end up with the same score as everyone else who can T1 all of them. How should the winner be decided? First one to get there is massively unfair to some timezones. Random placement would again be RNG. Lowest team score maybe, but winning because you didn’t max your Victor seems stupid as well (and there would be lots of complaints - characters getting better is supposed to be a benefit, not a punishment).

There is simply no good way to handle it, and RNG is at least somewhat fair - you can hit the Jackpot sometimes.

Won’t help you when you are in Diamond when most opponents have already sclass def teams up.


I am already in highest leauge.
And someone will always have best score.

If you literally have the team with the highest grade in the game, maybe move down? they shouldn’t be able to beat you anymore.

Wait, you get more points for winning in less turns?

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Yes. See below.

I agree this system is whack. Just because I happen to run my ticket while x,y,and z are in the lineup doesn’t mean I deserve more points than anyone else. The top value defenses should be available for everyone to attack.