Arenas p2p or no? Lol

Collecting feedback for a couple people that are clearly outside the loop on what players want (non pc/pu folks clearly)

Arenas … Why does the player base consider this a cash grab event is question 1?

Question 2 … If it remains cash grab then this is essentially just another raid event and makes it pointless?

Question 3 … (My favorite) … By allowing accumulative scoring coupled with buy-ins this favors f2p and allows them to compete with p2p?

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That’s my 0.02¢


Thank you for the reply. And lets hope pu and pc can get scopley to work on this gap.

I consider any Endurance Arena to be a cash grab. Especially the Champions Arena. Since with Endurance it isn’t just 1 attack that can get you top, you’ll need to use ticket multipliers.

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I basically believe they did it so they could make spenders happy, they now win something with little effort and making the little people their bitches.


Agree as well. But theres are a few folks that are saying bc.of league coins that it puts them on equal ground with p2p in this event and that they should keep accumulative and buy in… This isnt even a p2p saying this either is the killer part. So i said fine ill post and save them the embarassment of being f2p advocating for another p2p event … And the worse part is them not understanding if this remains as such its just another raid event and means just another cash grab.

Well I know some ftp who are doing quite well if they have favourable matches with higher ranked teams. So perhaps theyre in a league with whales who barely log on to the game?

Plus there have been ways to get arena tickets in milestones and in daily mission bag.

I dunno im hoarding my arena tickets for the most part.

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How do you feel about question 3… Buying in doesnt make it a cash grab bc f2p can use league coins. I know plenty f2p that do well in domination but hate endurance bc its flat out whoever wants to coin more… If you were f2p or f2p friends that spoke would they agree p2p events are equal grounds?

Edit: i dont think they’re in a league w people interested in arenas is what im tryinf to explain to the newb lol

Yeah i mean if they were to see scores in other leagues*, and how ppl are prepared to keep spending then im sure they’d change their mind.

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Right :laughing::joy::joy: thank you.

Im happy as a pig in mud to be back in platinum lol

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Exactly. Promote inactivity for better rewards :man_shrugging::man_facepalming:

No i def belong in platinum lol i busted my ass. To get to diamond to check it out and for milestones … Zero business in diamond lol.

Nope, it’s not p2p at all, winning rewards that don’t suck is entirely p2p though. If you’ve won and you’re F2P, post your current division por favor

My faction leader, who is a pretty dedicated player, was number one placement on one of the domination phases. After a little bit, he got passed and pushed out of the top 5, so no rings. He used some of his resources, not sure if he spends or not, to get a few more entries and try to get back up into the prizes. Mind you, he is a very strong player and has no problem racking up 10k+ per war against top teams. He was saying in chat that several times he got the exact same match ups, exact same score. So, even trying to play along as intended he was shut out due to “rng.”

  1. Any event that allows players an advantage from paying that cannot be made up from grinding is a cash grab.
  2. Not pointless, as even ftp can get some rewards, and I rather enjoy the different phases, but definitely not an even playing field.
  3. This is the main thing, specifically about the story I started out with: The fix is in. Even when certain players buy-in and try to compete, they are not going to be allowed to. The game will give you lower ranked teams to fight. I don’t even believe it is RNG, anymore. RNG implies randomness, when we all know that their is no real random, it is all programmed .

As I said, the fix is in.


Pay for a chance to maybe do well. If you lose a character you are done.

It’s not for the most part, or at least not more than other modes. Tickets are essentially like war/raid cans. Obviously spenders can always buy a higher score in Endurance mode, but the modes seem quite balanced in frequency, and there’s a decent number of tickets going around so you can save up and try for a big play.

Champions arena should really be limited to tickets though, that would be fair and lead to more interesting play.

No, it’s not really a raid event. I quite dislike those, but I like Arena quite a bit. More planning, different rules, the outcome of the battle matters much more (losing, or even losing a character, has a significant cost). Also, a raid event takes dozens to hundreds of battles and is mostly a completely boring grind. Here battles matter, so the five a day can actually be tense and fun.

I’m not sure I understand the question.

Other points I would like to make:

  • The player base is not used to pvp events where you don’t have to grind out hundreds of battles
  • The mode has many of the same issues as other league-based events, and in some ways have made the problems worse. Leagues mix strength and activity in weird ways, and the balance tends to mean people are better off in lower leagues. This is difficult to fix, but needs to be looked at
  • I think the endurance mechanic itself (characters wearing out after use) is interesting and could be developed further.
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I honestly don’t think they can fix leagues, problems are baked in.

Depend of the league. If you are low enough is f2p. In this week I have 8 gold tickets, without spending. Platinum III league.

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P2P with Endurance mode.