Arenas: Old School - help with team

So guys - I haven’t really played when there was 5* era - and now arenas / final asks us til attack with 5* - but I barely know them, can someone help me set a good team from what I have of toons.

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Level up survival road Ezekiel and human sheild michonne.

which ezekiel ?

Ezekiel survival road… you gotta get items from the survival road depot to upgrade him. Use ad with high defense on michonne. And do not upgrade michonne’s AR.

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I haven’t upgraded michone - and yes will try upgrade him. Should zeke lead or Rick? And zeke commanded by Maggie ?

I would throw in a reviver and two heavy hitters. I have a neutralizer in mine that’s also a heavy hitter. You wanna look at how fast they pop too. That helped me decide on my team.

This guy is bad ass

It looks like you got your toons pretty beefed up on mods, so you are going in the right direction.

Instead of who? :slight_smile:

I never got that Priya :hugs:

Lol… i just got her the other day ascending a 4*

I’d say keep spending to keep your toolkit at max and play around with characters. Shoot it’s not hard to have a good team in the 5* era.

I can beat anyone at all with those 2

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