Arenas looks like an EPIC Fail?

Maybe it is time to pull the plug, and give players other ways to get these rings, Speaking of Diamond 2, go demoted for 1st week of arenas. These are things I noticed

1)random chance to win, been addressed, but still random with more fights and selections. IMO better the original way. Less time spent
2) I just looked and 35 % + have not even participated with only a few hours left. Hey this is Diamond 2
3) Endurance sucks, cool about disabling toons, but its just a ticket war for 1st. -Disable after 1st fight and you go 4 fights. much better

Now directed to SCOPES, you want to make money right? This game is taking more and more time to play, this ultimately leads to less willing as they can’t keep up. So really think about how much time you would like for us players to play a day. Grinding auto play in SR tournaments got old in 2017. So when you add something think about reducing other times things. Like game management. Add quick selection boxes to select characters at least by color / trainers. have two team lists so you don’t have to scroll. if we have to scroll three pages it is TOOO MUCH

Now my final pet peeve. IN WAR especially default CHAT TO FACTION CHAT. if you guys actually played you would of figured this out. I’m battling, and I want to league chat. Actually if you guys did play, you would see, you don’t have time to work, and would realize how much game mechanics need much improvement.


It’s a fun mode but the things they’ve added in to try and induce partcipation - big one Veteran Rings, but high league influence and paywalls for entry - put a lot of stress on the mode which turns it from fun to necessity. If they loosened up the above factors, in that order, it’d be a fairly good addition

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As long as it is Pay to Play and league based in Arena it’s going to negatively impact the game.

If you don’t pay you won’t win, if you don’t win you won’t get any rings and you won’t upgrade so you lack behind. Eventually and given current state of game likely to be sooner than later you give up and play less

Then you drop down in leagues because of you don’t spend on tickets you have to spend on raid fills (not even taking into account the time you have to spend on all this)

So eventually you are down in hold coasting it and realize that you are so behind it isn’t worth it anymore. And then you simply stop playing

Yeah this is a smart gaming model


Yeah I love the old school mode hope they put that in different events my five stars have used again

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not fail at all. its fun event tbh


Arena is good… need tweaking, too many trophies for a background event, 1 ring should be included to most ranks


Arena is dope, but this pay to enter system is absolutely disgusting. They should create a energy can for Arena just like the hordes, survival road, raids, roadmaps/world stages have your own.


Set a limit on tickets that can be used each day.

I don’t get the dope part about it. Maybe I’m just not burning through all my tickets. But four hits in 24 hours is not something I would consider dope.


Arena is about as pay to win as it gets, in my opinion.


Haven’t cared enough to do more than 4 hits in one day


I was 2nd on arena (the second one)before the last update now i didnt get any rewards, i lost yesterday’s and today’s arenas for sure.
Also i see a lot of ppl getting them, actually im stuck
If this isnt fixed tomorrow I’ll just quit

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I tried a few the first day… and when I realized there was nothing I could do to place due to bad rng, I lost interest in it. Since then I’ve just entered for free. I’ve seen pictures of rings requiring gear at a certain level. Just gets more sad by the day.

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It’s sucks and Scopes if you think it’s just free to play quitting over this mode you’re wrong.


Atm sure they are giving tickets as milestones but as we all know with the history of the game this will eventually stop and become purely whoever spends on offers wins. I mean it’s just another thing to have to do along with everything else that isnt fun. It’s all tedious and grinding. I feel like if I dont sign on every few hours I’m super far behind. And I cant catch up in leagues due to this arena crap that was obvious immediately. This is just pushing those already struggling closer to the door not closer to start getting offers and coins. I wont go backwards again. I’ve found there are games that can be fun and allow f2p to enjoy the game and give p2w an advantage.


It’s not bad as of now because of all the rings and tickets they are giving us but knowing scopely they will get rid of domination and keep endurance so people could keep on spending

They stole back my champion tickets as well…i had 6 or 7…now got 1.

They should give everyone that enter at least 1 ring. Then higher you place the more ring. But for sure its caters to pay 2 play folks

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Terrible. The only way to win is use 5 tickets for the muliplyer. I just had bad rng on the first fight and lost a toon. Now all the tickets I used are wasted. Fking bs. Hate it

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It is only a fail for you because you dont know how to play…hahaha

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