[Arenas & Leagues] Platinum I - Improve opponents selection (team grades too high)

On my secondary region, I’m currently level 33 and my highest team grade is S5. I made an effort to reach Platinum I in that region because I needed access to the Platinum League Store.

However, with the introduction of Arenas, I’m struggling to find opponents that I can beat (with the exception of Draft Arena). Due to the wide range of team grades present in Platinum I, I could only beat 1 or at best 2 opponents, out of the 5 attacks I get.

The majority of opponents presented to me by the game so far have been grade S7 and up.

@GR.Scopely Please would it be possible to improve the selection of opponents offered in an entry, so that their team grades are closer to the player’s?

Like I said, this is my secondary region, so it’s not affecting me that much, but I imagine there are probably other players facing the same situation in their main regions.

Thank you.

P.S. - If you could also check my other thread about the unfairness of the rank rewards structure, I would appreciate it.

Lol. Wait for next 2 weeks :man_facepalming:

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