Arenas is way out of hand v2.0

Since my first post was hidden. Here I go again.

Being able to spend some in champions arena is NOT A GOOD THING.

ARENAS SHOULD BE FREE TO PLAY AND COMPLETELY GRINDABLE. No pay wall, no coining. Make a daily or weekly roadmap that gives tickets for the event. This event should be fair play for all to get rewards and rings to promote their teams.

800k is outrageous. I’ve had enough.



I completely agree

It must be cheaper to buy the rewards outright than whatever you needed to spend to get enough tickets to do that. Right?


Seems to be a glitch. However my stance on this still stands.


Marvel Strike Force is a good alternative to RTS if you want a new start. That’s where I’ve gone. Similar set up to RTS except without the glitches and grindable for F2P


Well Arena in RTS is pretty much blitz in MSF. You are not winning either f2p.


It’s best to steer clear of all mobile games. 99% of them are buggy pay to win messes. Actual games for consoles and computers are way better.


Ugh i knew there was a reason i disliked this mode. Blitz drove me nuts in MSF.


I pretty much only played blitz for the milestones, the shards were not so top heavy as the ones in RTS are (these ice cream cones, keys, etc etc. and RTS version of shards).

Yeah but MSF doesn’t cost an arm and a leg for 1% of a toon lol.

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True you can grind it all for free
I just found it so boring!

Its no more boring then

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I disagree.
I played msf last year for a few months. After the initial grind it just fell flat. Raiding was fine, but the other modes :-1:t3:

I just did war today it was cool I just don’t have enough stuff yet.

Yup, after the experience of rts i will not only never play a scopely game but no more mobile games, im good with my pc playing games in 4k. Ive looked for games on mobile, either they are boring and i lose interest fast or they are just p2p/p2w gambling apps


I don’t even know what is going on in arenas. I mean my scores do not add up. See the photo.

Broken mess idk why any1 is defending this mode and it’s not like we can do 5 star mode whenever we want. lol

Blitz is fun due to the scaling of teams with your team score.

DC universe online has been fun as hell for ftp on PC.

People complain about triple A games costing $60. Meanwhile in rts, a “free” game, $60 gets you 1/40th of a character.


A pay to get less coins than it costs you to win contest… I’m perfectly fine falling behind and only caring about trying to win domination