Arenas is broken - Again!

The game just crashes when I pick characters, quality game.


Same problem

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Bumping this, it’s horrible. @JB.Scopely @TayTron @GR.Scopely

Sane thing here

same when i try to pick the first character from from draft arena the game crash

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Okay so, the crashing seems to only happen if you pick a character with an attached weapon.
I managed to get through all of the characters only to find out that you can’t even select weapons for the characters without them!

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Mine is saying content 2 error :confused:

Intentional so people stop talking about jonesgate


Mine shows Network Error every time I try to enter Arena. I have to restart game to clear.

here, everything is working as intended - which means content 2 error.

Content 2 error on draft.

Im stuck at 50k points after scoring and Im still at 50k.

Content 2 error

I would refer you to this thread and the reply I have made this morning regarding the game crashing when picking a team. Arenas are broken

Regarding the game crashes when entering Arenas, this is actually a reload which is caused when try to access Arenas with a set team containing 6* characters that are are ineligible for Old School but were eligible for Classic.


Dealing with the same issue here. And Draft is where I use mose my arena tickets for cuz they’re so easy to beat.

Same. And it’s not letting me add weapons onto the characters

@AlphaRyan We’re currently aware of an issue where some players are receiving a Content 2 Error when attempting to play Arena. This issue should now be fixed, but the fix may take some time to be seen in-game. Please allow your game 20 minutes uninterrupted on the town screen to download the necessary data for the fix.


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