Arenas is a scratch off ticket #WEGOTSCREWEDAGAIN

Scopley managed once again to turn what could be a good part of the game into essentially a scratch off ticket. Opponents are random, choices are minimum, spend tickets to reveal weak teams. It’s all about luck of the draw. All your hard work will once again be tested against the greed of scopley and the all mighty dollar. #WEGOTSCREWEDAGAIN


This is my biggest complaint with this company, they have the unique ability to turn potential gold into turd, i wonder how they manage to do it so consistently. :joy:




Let me introduce you to these apps called lucky money, lucky day, lucktastic, etc. They are 100% free scratch cards and I’ve already cashed in $10 in about a months time on lucky money. There are lots of ads though, but hell you actually get stuff for playing unlike this stupid casino game scopely masked as twd.

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