‘Arenas’ How do they score it?

Right this game is really doing my head in??
I won 5 battles against the highest lev teams in Old school Arenas, didn’t lose 1 toon and am 10th wtf can someone explain before I f#%k my phone out the window :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::joy::see_no_evil:

It is domination mode, only your highest score counts

But that’s what I don’t get this was a perfect run beat the 5 highest teams, didn’t lose a toon and am 10th should I not be at least joint 1st???

Its 100% random. Just hope you are luckier than others

Above each team, you will see the points available per battle, those add up…Screenshot_20190910-192105_Walking%20Dead

See max points available???

Yeah but if someone else has harder teams they’ll win. That’s where the rng comes in.

The scoring is a money grab. Get those tickets and “hope” you’re lucky enough to get presented higher level players.


Just a guess but SR works based on who finished first.The daily SR not tournaments so my guess maybe they finished faster then you did but who knows?

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