Arenas has really good balance



Just got ■■■■■■■ fucked by a S8++ And a s9+ Goddamn double medics. No way to beat them if you don’t got a decap payback, or a firestarter. RIck revives eric
and regina fucks my team in 2 with decap. Bruh I should of bought her when I had the chance. Fuck.

Ehh it just the simplest shit ticks me off. Losing matches in a row easily pisses me off. But Im being serious. Double or triple revives are a bitch. Only way you can possibly win if you have a decap. Decap permanently downs them. Taunt and Impair can disable their abilities for a time. But even with Christa I still get my ass handed.

(Scopely you didn’t need to flag this. He’s just giving advice ffs)


Any tips against double or triple revs with decap?

i just have worries that you get so upset from the game no insult was intended from me

Its fine. I tend to grow out of this. With fortnite it just took time since I was casual. With this it’s just the AI getting fucked by AR rush. And double revives and decaps. Like you can’t dent a double revive with lacerator charlie, and christa. A decap dents them forever. Which is hard. I need a decap.

100% heal reduction is amazing, if you look at my team i dont even use a decap, i use charlies and dales active skills. Not only stops revives but also healing and bonus hp. Try to get some toons with 100% heal reduction, it will help a lot i think.

You got 2 charlies? (Probably not) but that 100 heal reduction can come in handy. Never knew it stop revives and bonus hp
Some bonus hp and revives are active (violet,AOW Rick)

No, i wish i had 2 Charlie’s :grin: Dales active skill is focus and heal reduction and i use them as my “decaps” its stops all revives and bonus hp and healing even from active skills and imho is a really underrated thing to have, if going against someone like Erika for example, put heal reduction on the team and let her rush lol

Christa got focus too.

I would say you are better off playing fort nite then this turd.

I do like this game. I made it to S9 (S8 without free s class) I made it this far as a F2P. I been here since free gator, Free solange. I might get back into pubg or get back into vigor (I killed a camping ■■■■ got his RPK!) It’s good so far.

Been here since the beginning and it’s been complete trash since the 6* era

I still remember single pulling negan. (Wasn’t there a yellow negan event or something)


Well damn. My luck was different. I single pulled negan from that (had him as a ascendable for a minute and he was ascended at the beginning of this year) And Lead green abe was my first ascendable from 5 star recruits B E F O R E the wheel changes.

Some dude told me he got 4 6* lvl 1’s with his sc free trial and All I got was Shitty 4 stars.

I dont like battle royal games but some kid just won like 3 million dollars playing fortnight so people can hate on it and all but that kid is set now lol and to think people give away their money in this game but in others like fortnight, counter strike, starcraft, league of legends, they are giving away millions of dollars in prizes, what prizes do we get in rts? Oh yea we get an extra lilth or a couple thousand 5* tokens lol


I do not play them either but I once loved this game. Now I hate it and just coasting till my resources are gone and then I can just nuke my toaster and walk away.

Happy days are upon me.