Arenas Feedback

Hi everyone this is my feedback from the new gamemode Arenas.

Rewards: The rewards are uniqe with the veterans ring and with champion tickets its a pretty fair and balanced price from 1st to 5th. 6th to 10th should be buffed with a extra ring also top 25 should get one ring for placement rewards.

Milestones: The milestones are terrible. They barely reward anything for the amounts of entries used. Buff it and shorthen the milestones from 1-100 to 1-50 or less.

Gamemodes: The gamemodes are FUN. I personaly loved oldschool BUT the mods should not count to make it 100% oldschool. Classic is classic and draft was fun since I could make my own team with powerful 6*s.

Points system: Needs a complete rework! This was the most frustrating part of the tournament since it rewarded the points randomly, because you had no idea if you were up against S10 or just S6 teams. YOU SHOULD FACE S9++ AT LEAST. The teams usaly bugged with weapons since they sometimes did not apply.

Overall: good event but it should not be a way to pay coins to win the event

i paid 3$ for four tickets and somehow someone spent 8x or more then me and got way overloaded with points. That’s my feedback, take it to the team!

Points aren’t random and you can see team grade when selecting. Your pic is of championship you didn’t buy championship tickets you but normal ones. First place coined… a crazy amount by the looks, a poor return for 5 rings and 200 coins.


Biggest problem it ruins leagues with the pay wall and RNG matches.

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It affects leagues way too disproportionately. This league week has been dictated to by 16 arena attacks, not 3 days of raid tourneys and a day+ of SR


Yeah too many league points for a daily… should top out at 10k. Still low pay wall

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