Arenas -> Draft -> choosing toons problem

When beginning to choose a team from the first lineup of toons we see … there are no leaders in that group and its unclear if we are supposed to choose 1 or 5 toons from that lineup. I thought no leaders to choose from? Ok. So i clicked on one putting her in leaders spot. Then a new lineup appears with leaders to choose from. I cannot move the first toonout of leader position so im screwed. Overall very nice additions to our game. Im impressed. Except for the lack of clarity in arenas


Leader skill isn’t counted in Draft


It even says it


Yea, it’s written all over the place.

However, I found it to be a little confusing aswell. I thought I had to pick 5 outta those first six.
And then I was like WTF.

I got a really funny team together but then figured they all had default bound weapons aswell. Oh well. :joy:

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The default weapons are the dumbest lol. Especially when facing defense that have bound weapons but are completely upgraded.


Haha, definitely. Well I managed to spank some butt with Dale, Amber and Axel though. Was fun to try these out at least.

I would actually really like this game mode, but the rng component and the fact that these rings are such game changers are really making me hate it. Milestones should have been the way to get these rings. Reward activity not luck.


Totally agree. It’s another paywall.

Still fun for me. I’m getting to use the toons whales shelled out major dough for and am enjoying it

Does anyone ever read anything before they start playing the event lol

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I mean I guess… but these toons are so much better to use with lead skills and real weapons. This doesn’t do them justice. And it’s really only four attacks unless your spending more tickets. Not exactly a great experience.

I agree the luck aspect of who you get matched with makes it ridiculous. Getting first is all luck of the draw

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Yea it’s so dumb. And there’s no guareenteed that if I buy more tickets that I will even get tough enough opponents to Place well. So this is just worse than a paywall.

I got like 17,305 on my first run. I ran it 3 more times and never cracked that score so it made me feel like the tickets were wasted. Until it gets to Endurance mode I’m using 1 ticket on Domination and that’s it

What would a scamply paywall be without a fat layer of rng on top? :joy:


Nah, every ticket I’ve gotten has been free. And since the other toons also have no lead skill, I think it balances out their usability. Because they feel good without a lead skill, imagine with. And yeah, the scoring sucks. No argument there

Yea but the endurance will really be p2w so it’s shitty either way lol.

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True forgot how hard the tickets are to get without spending

I enjoy playing with toons I’ll never have. I wish there was a real scoring system for arenas though.

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i thought this mode was fun… would be nice though if you can go back and pick different toons from your given choices before your first battle.

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