Arena's defence team bug

The defense team in the Arena is not saved correctly. Opponents attack just the first characters from the rooster.

@TayTron @GR.Scopely What the hell is going on new event?


I noticed that too wtf? Another debacle brought to by #WorstGameDevEver


And again

It’s just the first toons from the rooster. Not my defence saved (many times) for Arena.


Same issue

Same happens when attacking, u see a team, u try to rush it and its a completely different team
I lost 2 of my attacks like that
Pd: first i saw a green team abe lead ivanova kal bruce dante and glenn
Then it was one with 3 green waylands and one red negan

Same problem

change defence for damage squad and it changes even the first one… strange bug

Same issue

No worries, is just another rushed event. We will receive some tickets and happy playing :smiley:

And btw, why would you want a great defence? The better defence beatten, better reward points for opponent.

Put a C rated team up so people can’t score points off of you. Don’t give em a highly ranked team they might get lucky on.

It’s impossible to change def team. Any defense team turns into the first 5 toons from the rooster :man_shrugging:.

Again a problem. The second day it worked but today again not

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