Arenas - clarification please

Hi all,

Maybe I missed this, but if I am in platinum 3, should I be matched against diamond 1 opponents in champions arena? Because it is happening. I thought that you would only be matched against those people in your current bracket, or am I wrong on this? I’ve searched around on here and can’t find a definitive answer.


short answer, yes. Been this way for a minute


Champions arena has always worked that way. Maybe you’ve just been extremely lucky previously

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In old league format, this was always the case and the real point of frustration for the diamond players - they had to work their ass off for 2 oe 3 championship tickets, but were met with sandbaggers who purposefully demoted to platinum and raked up 10+ tickets.

The background color of the player rank is always showing what league division they come from. I moved with everyone else to Platinum, so can’t say if gold and Platinum mixed (haven’t seen any golds there) but didn’t get promoted twice and Diamonds started to appear in championship…

I had been less active (not om purpose, but coming back after a week’s vacation, work has been a bitch) and didn’t participate in old school (my favorite one to boot), haven’t completed all 5 attacks in some arenas, and realized that by not entering the arena multiple times, I didn’t reach the 10 entry milestone, so championship arena gates are closed for me :frowning:

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Now it makes sense regarding the background colour of the player!

Doesn’t seem right to me that you are matched against folks in different divisions, but not much I can do I guess.

Thanks for the responses, guys

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