Arenas changed 11/18

It was endurance and classic when it began but I went home and wanted to use my last ticket to try to get the last letter and boom somehow it’s old school now and its domination
I mean it’s great that I am in 2nd but it’s not fair I have this advantage also when you try and play it again it kicks you out of the game
Please fix this as I need that last letter

I dont know how to tag gb so please someone in the comments tag him

Still showing as classic endurance mode but limiting me to 5* and not adding my scores (a.k.a domination mode)

Way to fuck up again Scopely


Mine is showing as domination with 500k being 1st…lmao another hiccup but bring new content to the game…smmfh

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@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely @ForumAdmin

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Used 5 tickets and only got credit for the 1st attack in addition to the aforementioned issues. Fix your game. also give me my tickets back

I noticed something fishy when I checked earlier and it said endurance but had 16 rings for first and then tomorrow 16 rings for domination. And then old school is domination for 30 rings.

Tickets? Smelling salt + bloody tshirts will arrive in your inbox soon. No worry. :joy:

My arena is showing Classic and endurance

so is mine, with old school toon requirements and attacks not registering

this is shit scopely, please fix this or give us compensation ! @JB.Scopely not fair gor me because there are so many players that have crazy score from endurance and you change it to domination :sob:

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This is bullshit, I hate oldschool, why switch it if classic is already running??? Oldschool is the worst one they have in the cycle.

I think you @ them

Should send everyone top rewards as compensation imo. I mean really to change in middle of a tournament to another one whenever other people haven’t even played yet if messed up.

Well im out off words … how tf they fk this up huuuhh ??? . Event rn is going ppl waste tickets , time and how tf u can in old school defeat bunch of 6* and s class … just quit mambling about oh and ah 5* weapons ffs . This company aint gonna fix nothing … prove me im wrong i dare ya i double dare ya even triple … well no point in this im out .

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