Arenas Bug after transferring to WOC

On Saturday, I used several tickets for the championship round of arenas with a top 10 score. I then transferred to the WOC region and now I’m listed as “Unknown” and “player cannot be found” and arenas show that I have no score or rank YET I can still see myself in the top 10 ranking which is usually fog of war if not in the top bracket. I reached out to support. Several different people responded but as usual they are completely useless and don’t understand the difference between league ranking and arenas ranking. I still have gold tickets available but I’m afraid that using them may override my current score. Anyone else have this problem?

@TayTron, I think you’re the only person here that can help me. DZ hasn’t seen or responded to my PMs.

At least 2 in my arena are marked as unknown. However, there are some in WoC region marked normally

This has happened to me too. Support just said that it happens to everyone who transferred (not true) and they’ll take it to the team. So unhelpful.

I can still see my score as “unknown” but now have 0 points attributed to my account so won’t get anything from it.

Oh, the opportunists seeking better rewards through WOC…

What do you mean?

This sucks for this person. Earned a bunch of gold tickets, used them and was in first. Transferred after raid and now because of a bug they may not receive their rewards.

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Wow your comprehension must not exist. Sad.

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Is many different bugs with arena and transfer
Some get placed in bronze leauge like me and cant attack and get game of death after attacking.
Some get unknown username

I had some unknowns as well. Very unfortunate. They fell out of the top 5. Typical scopely.

I always start off mildly disappointed when this stuff happens but by the time support answer, I’m now ready to launch my phone out of the window. It’s like they have a competition to see who can be the least helpful today.

Not helping is one thing, but lying about the reason is so unnecessary lol

Yeah, I did two attacks before transfer and score reset to 0 when I transferred so only 3 attacks counted.

You in luck
I had 10 tickets get placed in bronce final leauge
Tried an attackanyway get game of death in every battle.
So 10 mails to customer support make them finally say look in forum.
For what?
Yes scopely i am in forum now where should i look?

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Have you tried looking in a bucket?


So what I found to work to at least recover coins is to make a mini in your region you transferred out of. That gets rid of the unknown - you can get coins that way - but the items you won are stuck in that region. I’m currently trying to submit a ticket to support showing the rewards on my level 2 account and requesting they be moved to my account in WoC

I did that and I’m glad I can get coins but i want my 3 varnishes, grease and blow torches! I have been sending messages to cs with lots of explanation and screenshots but it has been over 12 hours since anyone has replied. I also talked to @DZ.Scopely but he told me to work with CS. I am as you can tell completely pissed off because I worked so hard all week to earn my gold tickets.

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That was sarcasm. Or parody if you will.

same here - I am also trying to work with support - a mess it is. Weird that it does that imo - since players from different regions are in the same arenas

I just checked my mini in my previous region and sure enough they sent my rewards there. It has been close to 24 hours since their last reply.

Same here - you’d think something like this would have been thought out?

Never test that is for cowards

it’s been over 24 hours since last reply from support. ignoring us on purpose?