Arena's Beta Play and first impression - DECENT BUT PAYWALL WILL KILL THE GAME

The actual Arenas is a decent event, nothing much of variety or substance but presented well

Rewards are normal raid rewards but you get Arena Scores …

This is where the problem now lies

Your enemies in your league can put up super weak teams as defence so you are unable to really put a dent into scores as it is reflective of how powerful your team does


you have included a Pay model on Score multipliers.
currently on beta, to get the maximum x8 multiplier its 2750 coins … This means any teams you hit will be x8 in scores(?)

This means your super whales will pay for these tickets to hit x8, pushing scores up super high and expectant of competing players to spend that much to keep up or take over… This won’t work for 98% of your players. We dont want to get into coin battles with super whales, meaning they will mostly go to top with no threat, meaning they get the promotion rings to upgrade their stats…

I’m not sure how this was truly thought out but in the spirit of my last post,

This game is no longer what it was 2-3 years ago, players want to have fun … if they are having fun they will support your game by throwing some money at it … what this does is take the fun out of it and pushes player to pay for multi scores or don’t bother competing. which in turn makes certain players who are already hard to beat damn near impossible

Unfortunately with most events in R&R it takes months of planning and coding to get it out on main regions etc. IT might be more wise to rethink the strategy with spending on this and not have this x8 multiplier as im sure many will feel it will kill off any kind of actual competition during this event


Here lies the problem, people spending on stupid shit which is exactly why we are in this situation to begin with


Should’ve been a streak of sorts, win 1 raid, next raid is 2x multiplier, win 4- 4x multiplier etc.

The problem is…thats by design,

theres a boost at the bottom of your screen which i thought was attacks left (Energy) but found out it wasnt but have no means to check if it is actually a multiplier also …

im guessing it could be but if the players also have x8 multiplier they will benefit from the boost also

Shame about a loop death.
Fortunately it was caught in Beta!!

yep, as soon as it happened to me i was on here to blow the whistle, problem is players aint gonna go on line or the forums before they update or go on another region. its only ever after the problem starts

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I’m liking it but one thing we are supposed to test it and pay 250 coin more to try it again hmmm @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely


There are free bags of tickets in the featured area of the store

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Every time i think Scopely(:imp:) couldn’t lower this game any further, they do anyway. Lol, amazing.


Fog of war I don’t like - you could be within 100 pts or you could be behind 10,000 pts. To me this means you are again paying for a “chance” of being close. A chance of having a chance to win. If you get a player to invest 500 coins only to discover they need to invest another 1500, well that player may not have invested the initial 500… lack of information leads to poor choices imo


Hold my beer



It really doesn’t help there “promises” one bit with fog of war


So Players say they are sick of having to spend to compete, Scopely make a bunch of empty promises and the first thing they do is introduce a feature that involves spending huge amounts of coins to compete. Typical.
They’ll never change, they’ll never listen, they’re just going to keep trying to get as much money as possible out of players until they inevitably kill the game.


A couple of my faction mates say this arena business and paying for higher scores are the end for them. I’ll likely linger a bit and watch the fire. :fire:


Nothing new here.

That’s because they make decisions analyzing big data and not forum pages.

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Just worse imo

I posted about this weeks ago. All I have to say is another failed promise. You said you were getting a player advisory going and you forge ahead with a complete game changer.

What is need to a way the average go can compete, now you push Joe so far down, he will quit.

Just cancel this like onslaught, hordes. you are not doing thing right and you know it. Would think Scopes would learn by now, Have you considered that if you lowered your overhead, you wouldn’t need as much revenue and the game would actually grow and become better.

competition is needed for that all players get an equal opportunity. no way to spend.

that is what we need

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