Arenas: Areas to Improve

In some ways, Arenas is very much a microcosm of RTS. It’s fun, there’s potential for something great, but is there just a little too much blatant pointing at the spend button?

We’re almost at the end of the first Arena week, and I’ve seen all I need to form my final judgement. I think this was a good addition, BUT part of that is my interpretation of what this could be. Not what it is currently structured to be. Arenas should be a fun, bonus side activity to the daily tourney, event, or whatever is going on. Currently, there is an incredible weight on it’s shoulders from being the sole place to get Veteran’s rings and and it’s monumental impact on leagues. Unless readjusted, this will actually turn people against what could be a pretty uncontroversial and positive addition. So, the areas to improve for Arenas:

Note I’ve tried to be comprehensive, you ain’t doing this post on a 30-second stop light check

Veteran Rings

I won’t spend too long on this point as I did another thread just on this issue. See below and I’m well aware the maths is a little off. Just read the word parts instead.

This maths is correct though = At the end of the month, the majority of players will have no more than 12 rings, and that’s specific to this months login event and milestones. Others, who consistently poll in Top 5/10 places across ALL leagues, can be anywhere from a few toons maxed to a whole team with a few extra hundred stats. This will cause divide. This will cause frustration.

  • Offer people Veteran Rings through other means, namely those which a person can be personally responsible for (milestones, roadmaps). This will alleviate worries of getting left behind, again.

It is more helpful for a player to drop down to lower leagues to progress, not quite the design intent I’m sure. S-Class is the big bad, no-one wants to be fighting a brick wall against Veterans of their own toons now. Veteran Rings are the next big meta-move for the F2P (all the playerbase, not trickle-down P2W meta), don’t constrict them to a small part of the game and players.

The League Link

As mentioned, there is currently far too much influence on the league from Arenas. To use myself as an example, by the end of the week I’ll have 120,000 trophies. Only 50,000 of these were from 2 raid tourneys (2.4k milestone hit), an SR tourney (finished), defended territory hitting consistently and outside-tourney raiding. 70,000 was from 20 league hits. That is so wildly disproportionate that the 20 minutes I spent on arenas dictated my near demotion than the hours and hours I spent on other things.

  • Drastically reduce the amount of trophies rewarded by Arenas. Like VR, you don’t need to carrot dangle these for activity, it’s a fun mode without them
  • Personal Opinion: Don’t reward trophies for rank reward. They should be rewarded after a PVP attack, not how that attack plays in the grand scheme of things. For events like hordes and onslaught, never have them as sole rewards neither

The League Link is very similar to VR. These two appear to have been placed on Arenas to try and induce activity and spending. They actually detract from the fun by making it a necessity. Arenas should not decide whether I get promoted or demoted, it should be bonus, additional trophies at most


To the smaller areas to improve now, more fine tuning than fundamental, game-affecting changes to be made. The milestones were largely absent for most people. To try and utilise these for the better

  • Have more rewards in the first 10 entries where the majority of the playerbase is going to be and not leave
  • Alternatively, on the big 100 entry milestone timeline, have that extend and cover a whole seaosn, not just a week so people can feel an element of progression on it

Not much more to say here, they weren’t a real factor on my gameplay this week and I chose not to spend my tickets just yet.


Various imrovements and advice. As I’ve said previously, now here and will at the end, the gameplay itself only needs finetuning. It’s not a disaster addition and the forums as a whole haven’t been against the gameplay.

  • Remove Fog of War - it doesn’t really enhance my gameplay, infact it prevents me strategising where others in my league will fall. I personally choose to leave it to fate than gamble that I might get higher. This is the one game mode we can see the opponent’s team before attacking, no need to move that suspense to another part of the mode.
  • No mods on Old School (5*) - Something I’ve seen called for, add it in, win a few bonus points. Everyone’s happy!
  • Keep Draft and Old School consistent - I find these the most popular ones. Whale simulator and the good times. Damage and that second Classic Arena are the ones you can switch around with.
  • Ticket Opportunities - Not an issue now. But when the Arena hype dies down and Scopely moves onto their next project, don’t forget to keep giving tickets out akin to other refills here and there.
  • Domination/Endurance - Keep them balanced. Endurance does fit the refill model of income. Resist it! I don’t prefer either mode, but don’t sway towards one… or the other. Just a precautionary note
  • Trophies for Defending - There is for skipping, might as well be for defending. How you set up a 5* defence team or damage biased, is still all part of the strategy. Have a reward for it.
  • Multipliers - I don’t see it going but I think it should. From a player standpoint, everyone likes an equal playing field. From a business standpoint, surely you get more money from numerous x1 entries than a few x3 after which the person has surely won and stops? It’s one of the more less-than-subtle P2W aspects which just isn’t needed.

Champions Arena

Not everyone will get to experience this, unless you edit milestones in future… nevertheless, there are some edits needed as not to make this an unfair aspect, as those who participated surely noticed:

  • Remove League Trophies - I think it’s unfair that if you don’t get your entry into this, you’re likely going to be fighting demotion. See the League Link. As you probably did by this point.
  • Don’t mix Leagues* - I say this as Diamond. If a good get around to this point can be found, then fine. But currently, Gold and Platinum players can easily be brushed aside if Diamond players so wish. Alternatively, Diamond players can be humiliated that lower leagues can freely score more than them, see below. It’s not built quite the best way currently.

For those not in this Arena, winning is dictated by spending (of course), or being in a lower league than your opponent and having an easier chance to win tickets. This is a big problem for F2P. While I’m struggling to win anything against my diamond competition, my platinum facmates are coasting past me in progression. Again surely not the design intention.


Not a troubleshoot post and I probably haven’t seen all. And there’s no doubt less after the lockout/reset crisis. But one I did pick up:

  • The Defence log doesn’t accurately show your the team you chose to defend

Some #PlayersUnited sign off for this section?

And that’s that. The areas to improve Arenas. Before concluding I do want to balance this by pointing out 3 good things:
- The ‘My Teams’ button when selecting your Arenas team. This would be a great addition to SR. I’d also say to double the max team cap too if this was the implemented there, but baby steps. Add it in!
- The Login event is always welcome back. Do keep them up after this. More content is always a good thing
- It’s a fun mode at its core. It doesn’t stray too far from the formula (Hordes, which I do like but irrelevant here), and brings two very interesting and different modes people have asked for (Draft and 5*)

Overall. Arenas is a good addition, and even maybe fun. But do not curtail the fun by getting too pushy with the spend button. People will spend if they’re having fun. Having fun also cannot be achieved if the mode is vital to staying relevant in the meta. Disconnect its monopoly on Veteran Rings and make it less life-or-death for leagues. If Arenas is going to be a day in- day out event, you don’t want it to be a slog or it will go the way of Daily Survival Road. Not many travelling on that I tell you. Turn its priority into being a fun side event.

If you made it this far, thank you for reading. If you skipped to the end to see if there was an end, not so much. I don’t believe in tagging the CMs in every post otherwise we might as well just go with the assumption they read everything anyway. But, just to make sure we don’t all start thinking the forums is a has-been for valuable and valid player input and the Player’s Council is where the feedback is at now. @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely. It is a mircrocosm; much like RTS, I would like Arenas to be successful and fun too. Please take the feedback back to the team and fix some of the more glaring issues currently with the mode’s design, and you might be onto a winner.

TL:DR Read the bold…? No. Here then:
- Must offer Veteran Rings elsewhere
- Reduce it’s current immense impact on Leagues
- It’s a good mode, don’t try and suffocate it with un-fun ‘insert cash here’ elements
- Arenas should be a side activity, not the headline event. At least for it’s impact on external elements of the game.


Skipped most since it was so long.

  1. vet rings are avaible through the daily mission bag, plus guaranteed through milestone
  2. Yeah leagues is a peoblem 10k max trophies would be nice
  3. It looks lime arenas is a background event to run through the week to add more to the game

TL:DR just for you.

- Daily mission bag isn’t enough when you have people getting 10-16 a day. And it’s still RNG dependent.
- Okay we agree here lol
- It’s not currently a background event, due to it being the only place to significantly get VRs and it’s effects on leagues, it’s actually quite the priority

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You only get that much if you get first in a high league, the rest get only 1 or 2 if they place decent.

Vr rings are nice but the longer it goes the less they are worth… you can only put so many on a team. League does make it important and should be reduced but it seems quite geared to a weekly event that can run in the background for more to do

On my VR post I made a later post which compared the Top 5/10 of the first two Arenas, the same names did crop up. Ironically fog of war ruined my idea of contuining that comparison, and is NOT why I want it removed lol. But alas, the same names will keep appearing up there and collecting the rings and building up. There needs to be another way for everyone else to be assured to get them.

All I know is that if you were to get left behind by Veteran rings, it’d be more likely the 6* buff of 500-1000 stat change than the Gen2 buff of 200-400. They are valuable.

Great commentary… But don’t forget…

The new shiny toy was designed with priority so everything else will take a backseat by design.

Just look at the graveyard of past event/feature roll outs and how much effort is kept to keep them working. Now think if they were released under different leadership… Ouch good luck.

Power-creep will be directly related to profitability. Period.



That’s the boring way of doing things and I might as well log-out and not return lol. Change can start anywhere!

That’s the attitude!

Except scopes doesn’t understand that word since credit cards means no one needs to breakup any Benjamins


Lol. It’s 6 hours into Monday, I can’t let the optimism die off so soon for the week

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The biggest fail in arenas is the ability to just coin gold tickets the other arenas who cares but shouldn’t happen for the championships

Just a note for op, can we refer to draft as whale simulator lol.


Maybe it was said…don’t allow spending for champions league can only use tickets received from winning or placing in the top of previous arenas!!

Great post @Parker, well worth reading through and I agree with most of the points you out forward.

The one that stands out most for me is the whole leagues issue, like you mentioned we’re disadvantaged being in Diamond so in a sense, it drains my motivation.

@GR.Scopely + @JB.Scopely this needs to be taken to the team properly this time and is just another argument as to why Parker should’ve been selected for PC.

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I’m in two minds about that issue, while yes, there’s something more pure and rewarding that it comes down to how many tickets you’ve collected over the week, at the moment I’m too blinded by that lower leagues, and the easier ability to get tickets, are favoured

It’ll drain my motivation when all the diamond players drop to platnium, it’s a problem that will keep itself alive

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Exactly, that’ll make platinum leagues worse and just isn’t good for competition as a whole (sorry, I should’ve stated that in my first response).

The leagues need to properly scaled so that activity is rewarded which in turn, will motivate players to grind harder and go up the leagues rather than bouncing around platinum for coins.

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I’m almost demoted this week to Plat and the usual horrible blow, is softened by the fact I’ll do better in Arenas and hordes and progress to greater things :rofl:. Not really how the game should be set out and not how I want to play it neither

Great Post and I completely agree with all your points.

One thing I will add is (and I tried this before the damage dealers and champions league and it didn’t work), that it would be better if we could set our teams for each one a day or 2 before hand. Otherwise those whose timezone means they are awake have a huge advantage over those who are asleep for the 1st 8 hours and therefore not only unable to set a defence, but also unable to hit non set defences.

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I don’t think someone who has not competed in first five arenas should be able to swoop in the champions arena and win. Just because they are a big spender. But I guess this is the way this game is geared. Seems really crappy to the folks who like to grind and place well in events.

You should be able to entry the champions arena only with your tickets, not coins

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