Arenas are coming.. and so are new upgrades!

Reacting to the new beta announcement! If you don’t want to read that long post, I break it down in this video & have a couple ideas on the next step for War… Tell me what you think in the comments! Thanks for watching!


Hope not

No-one wants another tier of gameplay :man_shrugging:

This would be good if you could push Gen1 stats to Gen2. But if Amber’s stats are correct, this is closer to 12 stars


Isn’t that what this is? A way to change our gen 1 characters to veteran status and boosting their stats?


It’s a blatant cash grab. Just like everything else in this game. So sick of it all


I said Gen 2 stats. Amber with 3.3k BASE attack is not that. Overkill at the minute


So basically, dramatically increase the stats of characters with items you will most likely have to spend to acquire since you won’t get them through your “1 free entry”. Make all existing characters once again ridiculously underpowered compared to the fully upgraded characters some people will be willing to spend any amount to attain. Watch most players, even ones who have spent $1000s on this game get steamrolled because they refuse to take part in the next edition of “completely devalue everything you have spent and worked for the last 4 years”. I can’t see how this could possibly be good for the game, but maybe I’m just short-sighted.


Not if Gen 2 and S class toons are getting the same or greater boost though. It’s like mods in a way. You we all add the same mods to our Gen 1 toons as people’s Gen 2 and S class toons. The gap still exists in my opinion. And, if veterans is only available in arenas, but there’s only 1 free entry (pay for more) it’s still a widening gap imo


Totally agree with you on War it has to be Faction League based only way to bring the fun back


It all looks good to me…anything new is better than same old stuff…i hope!!

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Yes, that’s true, but the way I prefer to look at it is that I have a couple of characters on my team that have been a mainstay since almost the start of 6* and I don’t see myself swapping them out unless I somehow get some premier characters or if Scopely releases some really great F2P characters, neither of which will happen anytime soon. So with Veterans, at least I can improve my 2 characters where they can do better vs an non-veteran gen-2 or S-class.

Yes, the gap will still be there if I face a veteran gen 2 or S-class, but the gap has always been there, so presumably I have no place to go except up.

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thank you for the vid @Invisinerd


This will help with nightmare SR but this, could make more quit and if it’s more of a grind then sucks,well for me.

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The new raids thingy sounds fun. Look forward to using 5* again!

Sure, but expect the veteran and S-class characters to ONLY be the most elite and rare premieres. When they finally get around to pushing some of those “legacy” vet- and s-class toons, expect them to be like Romanov’s ascendance.


Now I can spend millions

Yes and see some top Faction go down in league, just to have easy reward?

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Nah that’s never going to happen, can you really see top factions doing nothing for 5 weeks to get into platinum league not a chance there competitive, and let’s face it we fight them now so at least 80-90% of match ups would be competitive for us🤗

Leagues have nothing to do with being a whale. Do well in faction SR and raids, be active in wars and your faction gets promoted. Many factions that are D1 and some in D2 are f2p but active in events. Do you think they will stay in Diamond wars to get their ass beaten and get worse rewards than moving down to platinum? My guess is that the only way for them to stay in Diamond would be for the bottom faction in Diamond to get better rewards than top faction in Platinum, which currently isnt the case. Not sure if this would be enough. I know I would move to a Platinum faction if league wars happen.

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Wow scopley doesn’t listen very well do they? I haven’t seen anyone in players united or else where,who said he let’s push the power gap between whales and FTP a lot further. This is beyond stupid and is just going to widen the gap,as well as you better bet the stuff you need is gonna be behind a paywall.

Here’s scopleys logic oh FTP wanna close the power gap? Here let’s give them a chance for some super op stats on their toons. All they need to do is open their wallets. (Well we did give them an option to try and close to power gap,it’s not our fault they didn’t take it)

Oh yea and keep surviving, don’t mind all the broken mechanics, glitches , insane power gaps , events and roadmaps stuck behind paywalls. We’re just gonna add another pile of trash to your list,we know nobody really asked for this but face it were Scopel y and we know what they need better then they do.