Arenas and fix suggestions for it

While arenas is a great change of pace it is literally screwing so very many over. Short of coining or purchasing there’s absolutely NO way to compete. Many are rage quitting because they’re getting screwed in leagues and with the RNG of rolls.

3 free tickets are nice but is not gonna place you on the leader board on endurance. The stash is a joke, a chance for 1 ticket daily over 30 days… Not nearly enough.

I stated this in the RTS chat with JB but I’m not sure it is something he can press too hard on. The pay wall needs to be removed. You shouldn’t be able to coin to keep attempting to get a better score. There NEEDS to be a roadmap, whether daily or weekly. There needs to be another way to way to get tickets outside of paying like in the league store.


I am a #PlayerUnited because of things like this. It’s absolutely atrocious.


  • Get rid of the RNG factor in matchmaking
  • So far you get 4 free hits, keep it that way. Paywall, if you must, should be extra hits, not entry into the event
  • Uncouple Veteran Rings and let them be attainable elsewhere. Draft and the 5* arenas have piqued people’s interest. Let the event stand on it’s own merit and let it be fun without there being a catch-22 of, well you have to do it anyway to stay relevant.
  • Entry milestones should be across a season, not a week. In addition, keep the keys coming. Again - not for initial entry, but for extra hits
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Initial entry is always free. Additional is a ticket

I’m still not sure but wouldn’t be surprised if the opposite turned out to be true true. Still I said keep it that way :slightly_smiling_face:

They stated it in the announcement of the event. I’m also in beta. First entry is always free. Except champions arena.

They said you’d get coins for every league finish too :joy: It’s a precaution then!

Can anyone help i cant even play arena when i click to enter game shuts dows

I hate that people will get demoted because they can’t score high in arena because of its bullshit rules. Remove the league points from it. It’s shit


Just remove league trophies as rewards. This is bs, yesterday 17 in d2 and after first arena 48.
Remove trophies and keep this stupid event

Same. I was 14 yesterday and now at 47

Now i have to burn raid cans to get back in neutral zone. :triumph:

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You get league trophies per fight too…

If u don’t have any tickets those points aren’t really accessible though, unless you’re dumb enough to pay 250 coins for 1 lousy entry ticket.

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely what can we do to fix this. I would have tagged in the post but it wasn’t allowing it. This is going to cause the player base to leave.

Dropped from #13 to #46. Used to raid and use territory e just to keep in Division to get coins. Now why bother. All these decisions are pushing people away.

Ur aware that tickets drops from arena fights right?

Not that often. But yes they do.

There shoiuld be an hourly free entry (timer on the ENTER button) so that all players can play regularly throughout the day.

Players can then optionally use tickets for additional entries and/or coins to purchase additional entries if they want to pay to win.

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You’re aware i said if u DON’T have any tickets right…

I picked a team of all the highest characters I could, the team grade after was only s5! WTF! Plus I lost all 4 matches do these mythical characters really suck that bad to have such a low team score?