Arenas and bee hives

According to the event page, arenas is suppose to be a source for beehives. I haven’t had any drop, has anyone?


There was some talk about this - what i got from it was that bee hives would not be dropping the first week, but should start to drop from here on after.

Yes they confirmed they would drop this week. Not sure if the drop rates are really bad or if they haven’t been “turned on”. I’m not wasting tickets til we get confirmation if they are dropping.


I’ve used 4 tickets and the free entry, not 1 beehive dropped

I see we have to burn extra tickets this week for battle pass anyway - so if the bee hives do start to drop, we might be able to kill 2 birds with one stone (or ticket in this case), but yes I am thinking the same way, I wont burn tickets until I see a bee hive drop.

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I re-checked their faq on the other place and it says they’ll be added to rewards. So no confirmation on if they were supposed to drop with battles or be in rank rewards. I mean they’re not showing up either way but I really hope it’s not the latter or I’m screwed up in diamond!

The blog post does say “arena participation” though. So hopefully they are supposed to be in battle drops.

Thanks for checking, i guess I’m not surprised there is no definite answer.


0,00000000001% drop chances


Why is that, I wonder… the bear event is described in such intricate detail after Scopely improved their communication, ther is no room for doubt or confusion - all is perfectly clear!

:notes: All I want to say is that they don’t really care about us (players)
Don’t worry what people say, we know the truth
All I want to say is that they don’t really care about us (players)
Enough is enough of this garbage
All I want to say is that they don’t really care about us (players) :notes:


Just completed my free entry. Zero bee hives, but got two arena tickets dropped betwern my 5 wins…

New info in the other place. They are investigating and will provide an update within a day.

Shame, I was really looking forward to using Old school endurance for farming some hives.

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Yeah, old school is my favorite… alas, will have to grind another one.

Btw, does this line sound familiar?
There’s no school like the old school and I’m the effin’ headmaster!

Nope not a single one in the 15+ arena attacks I’ve done :angry:

No honey for me. Even if they are rewards, I never place well in arenas. Like being a bear that cant reach the honey on the top branch

Aww (7 chars)

I just spent 8 arena tickets, 40 arena fights then: not a single beehive dropped…

Will start next week, compensation of 40 hives is coming.


ah cool - I was wondering what those hives were for - Thanks Dr Jank :+1:t2:

If they are in arena rewards then I’m screwed on getting them cause I’m sure only the top few will get them

Nah I think the intent is to have the hives drop as a prize whenever you win a match, not as rank rewards.