Arena: We need access to 5 star AR trainers

With 5 star arena around the corner we badly need access to 5 star AR trainers in depot and/or league store. Especially because all our roaster space is 1000+ over limit atm so we cant even train any. Please make it happen.

Basic tokens. Just use 3*s to level them

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Iā€™m talking about lvling thier AR not thier lvls.

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you can literally upgrade AR with other characters of the same persona


Yes but 3 stars have like 8% chance to level ar. So if I need to lvl even low approx of 20 characters it will take up to 1000 3 stars depending on luck. And since those characters already max lvl I and many others wont even gain lvl up score for that.

We had access to persona trainers for years lol. Just use some 2*s or something

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