Arena unfair competition

The hole arena after first week failled big time same whale people.get first top places over and over all litle and mild spenders and ftp dont get rings , each time i see arenas i see same people getting the highest scores and rest only get low so the rng is for the whale players only making the gap between ftp and mild spenders bigger each what is the player council going to do about this because you guys dont place things after first week on the forum the gap between ftp and mild spenders isnt getting closer


wait till they filter down some more , thats when the real fireworks will begin

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Yup good luck doing moderately well in anything other than Draft. All top spots are taking by people with loaded 6* lineups who are able to beat the loaded 6* star lineups people use as defense

Know what would have been interesting? Everyone gets the same lineup or at least the same pool of chars to draft from, and get this, they arent all maxed out and you have to fight through an arena of progressively tougher teams that are the same for everyone. Then winning is based on lineup strategy and battle skills instead of just who has the highest level chars


Yes, I agree, it would be fair and interesting… :+1:

You must be in low league to think draft is good in top leagues they are the worst.

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Yup, draft is the most broken of them all.

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What? Draft is the best of them all lol even in diamond. Against Pete + double Negan + double Priya? I’ll take those drafted teams any day, let me get that doc and double amber


I’m not really a fan of it either, except for the Old School Arena and to a lesser extent the Draft arena.
For me the Old School is fun, I really like it a lot. Probably bc I have a bunch of good 5* toons. It figures that after 5*s are obsolete that I now have a kick ass roster full of them :rofl: Wish I would’ve had them when they were still relevant.
Draft is fun just bc I get to use all these OP paid toons I’d never have a chance to get.

Surprisingly I was actually able to take 1st place in my platinum 1 league in the old school arena.

The only reason I think I was able to place in the top 10 in those arenas this time is bc of super low participation. There are only a small handful of ppl even trying anymore in my league. Not sure what others are looking like.

I’m just happy I was FINALLY able to get some decent prizes. Before I wasn’t able to place higher than 30th. So thanks to all the ppl who aren’t playing :+1::+1::rofl:

But I agree. I think Arenas needs a overhaul. Starting with rings for all placements. That would certainly help along with fixing the points system.

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Im f2p
No premiers
No sclass (apart from christa)
Im #1-#3 on almost every arena(except the 5* arena)
So… Its just luck and strategy

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Save tickets so you can do well one week. Just use free entries for a week or two, or more, then go for it when you think you’ve got enough saved.

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And what league are you in

one other big unfair aspect of this is the disparity of points given by players when attacked, paired with how our saved/set defenses somehow get changed.
personally ive seen my defenses changed into some weird teams that consequently allow scrubs to successfully attack me. i give up around 25, 000 points when i lose a defense, but if i attack those same attackers i only get less than 3,000 ppints from them. so there is no way for me to consistently win domination arenas, despite the fact that i probably have one of the strongest teams and can grind as hard as anyone else in my arena group.

Platinum V this week

I agree… I’m f2p and can place same like you. And I’m in diamond 3

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Remember these days because whales are dropping to you soon

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Thé good thing is whales seem to have short attention spans, so scopely will release something new and they will be distracted by that. Then f2p will get their shot at arena.

I ve seen whales already, s13 s14
Tough teams, almost imposible to beat if u r f2p
But i place on a good spot behind them when they appear

No coins spent
Purely f2p
Platinum league and some diamond guys
It isnt unfair, its just matter of luck

That’s because you spent during the week lol. You did 11/12 attacks… #1 in plat gets 3 gold tickets

Dude, never spent a cent on the game
Besides the 100 pulls for 5usd that happened long ago
Besides that nothing else, the only arenas y didnt won this week where the accumulative ones