Arena turn-based scoring bonus

Maybe my search skills suck but I can’t find anything about the score bonus based on number of turns in arenas. I know there was a post about this being added but I can’t find it. Has this been implemented? Is a short battle given a flat bonus or a multiplier based on the number of turns? Does the normal streak multiplier still apply?

It has been implemented already and the multiplier works fine with it. If I remember right, any attacks that take 6 turns or more just get the value stated. Whereas, if you beat a team in 3 or 4 turns, you’ll notice that you get more than the total shown before you enter the fight.

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You can see the breakdown including the turn bonus on the victory screen but I wonder if anyone has done any analysis to see what the multiplier (I assume) is for various turn counts. I looked at a single battle won in 2 turns and the turn bonus was ~33% of the base score for that team. I can keep taking screenshots and making calculations but was hoping someone else has already done this, cuz I’m lazy… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Somebody will have done the rough calculations, however I’ve not noticed anything on the forums regarding the calculations. With a multiple entry victory against a team of 15k value, I beat them in 3 turns and got just over 21k.

Seems substantial at least. One of my factionmates and I are going to SS everything and see if we can figure anything out.

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