Like how is this even possible??? I have more trophies in the current stretch than i have in the entire season. This whole season ive gotten 230K trophies but only 90K counted towards milestones AND ontop of that only 10K counted towards the ‘earn solo trophies’ mission. WTF SCOPLEY???


Your season trophies are correctly tracked in your profile pic. The milestones are rewarded when the total in your profile pic passes them. You’re getting proper credit; it’s just displayed wrong in the other view.

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Please elaborate im very confused by this :crazy_face::crazy_face:

I just recently passed 220K solo trophies from yesterdays arena and i am yet to recieve the milestone for it. So im not 100% what your trying to say with the wrong display. My arena trophies arent counting towards leagues at all :frowning:

This shows your correct trophies.

You have already passed this milestone and received the rewards for it in your inbox.

Watch your profile pic carefully and pay attention to the next milestone. When your profile pic total passes 325k, you’ll get the next milestone even though the other pic shows the wrong amount.

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Ahh okay. Thanks for explaining :slight_smile: ill look out for that next time! Cheers

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