Arena still not tracking scores!

Was at that same score prior to starting a new set of attacks, 4k was the highest of the 4 attacks. Score still the same!!!

Because that set of 4 was your best so far it’s not an event that stacks scores

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You’re not getting more attacks that add onto your high score. You’re getting additional attempts to increase your highest score.

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Thanks guys, I’m a fool-_-

Post number 98 lol

No worries. It’s a new mode, just gotta learn the ropes. Pay attention to the different modes - think the next one that runs the scores will stack. And notice that there’s an “old school” event coming up in a little over 2 days. May as well take a good look at your 5*s and see who needs leveling while levelup is still running.

You’re not a fool most thought it worked the same way you did…I know I did

maybe a mod can look at these and combine them, like how GR does.

Yeah I didn’t bother looking through the miles of tears to try and find the other 97 posts. Just rage posted

ah no worries dude! a lot of folks do that :+1:

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