Arena scoring shouldn't be by chance

It’s strange. How you can have lower scores just because you get a bad batch of opponents.

I could be wrong. How are some people getting 40k points for winning 5 battles and other get 30k for winning the same amount? If there is method I’m missing?


Nope you aren’t. Scopes just love RNG

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How to determine who wins then? If all get same opponents all will have same results

Use more entry tickets then you might come across of players with higher points.

But yes, this RNG nonsense is beyond ridiculous.

Used 10 tickets and cant beat my first score in 5* arena (106k)
So im 13th now, others with 120k+
Bs :ox::poop:

Maybe multipliers accounting for number of turns, how many left alive, timer, etc ? Still 50k behind first (currently at #24th lol) after using 6 tickets and winning all 5 with all toons alive.

It doesn’t seem that the scoring changes listed in the update have been implemented yet. I checked the points before and after each of my arena battles today, and regardless of how many turns it took, making it through with 5 alive got me the points shown when I started the attack.

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I’d just love to know why some folk seem to be able to almost score double what I do… I’ve gone twice at the 5* one and my first had one opponent who gave me 18k points yet even after winning all I still wound up with 36k total.
My bucket is clearly a leaky one

Before I did my first run last night somebody already had 138k pts. I could make ca. 59k pts but my second run had a surprise with a player (lousy def) with 50k pts alone, so I end up with almost 100k now.

If it wasn’t rng then it would end up being all tied except for the 5 people who are worth the most points they’d lose

I used 10 tickets trying to improve my score then gave up. Didn’t manage to add a single point. It’s ridiculous.

Arenas shouldn’t influence leagues, how 5 fights equal the effort of 2 days tournaments, then you have 2 tournaments vs 5 arenas weekly, not getting rings is enough punishment

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I agree and disagree. I like the points I get from them… I just don’t like the idea of not being able to score for a decent ranking. The chance game is what f’s me up

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