Arena scoring mistake, photo inside

So the max score to recieve was 20,796k . My whole team was alive when I defeated this person and every other person I beat. But I only recieved…

It took my about 5 turns to win. Should I have gotten the max? I only got 19,187k.


The number displayed in the first picture appears to be maximum possible points. So beating them t1 with all teammates alive would get you that. Since it took you 5 turns you get less.

There are a few other thread already about this with people discussing


You may not be aware of this but they changed the scoring system for arena at least a month ago and the number of turns it takes for you to win impact how much points you get.

Not true though. Most of the times I go over the score if I t2 the team. Other times I get less. There’s def some sort of bug going on.

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Absolutely, more fishy things going on. On the screen where it shows you how many points you got after a win, when you click on “I” for the point break down, they aren’t the same value. So the whole arena scoring system seems to be messed up.

And I mean I don’t t1 anyone so I don’t know what score comes up then but I mostly t2 or t3 and it’s been less than the advertised total

There’s definitely an issue… t2 or t3 defeats, especially with all team members alive, has always resulted in more points than the initial number ever since the new turn based scoring was implemented. I’m also getting less than the original amount in every match, regardless of how quick or flawless the victory. Also have screenshots and submitted it to support.
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Okay I understand. How can anyone beat someone in 1 turn? But I’ll research and find out how to maximize my points. Thanks everyone

In Old School

I rarely t3 a team (I suck) and I always go over the advertised score. I’ve never been under that I can remember

Including this week? Previously I was always over the shown score but just the last few days I’ve been under

Afaik, the aformentioned score is the highest they can give and give extra for winning with less turns. Now my T2 team gives less than adverstised scoring. Don’t know when they changed it though.

Including this week. I’ll take ss if I remember next time I do one

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@Anointed.One - Please refer to this post Incorrect Arena points [11/25] regarding the scoring in arena.


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