Arena Scoring and why it isn't fair

I’ve gone through and tried playing a few times, and it just doesn’t seem to make sense…there is no way to get a better score through skill or team makeup, it’s all just RNG based on random teams you get assigned to fight against. How can we be rewarded to get the best score, when lower-ranked players get higher based players to fight against? Is there a way to lower team score? Would it make a difference if we all put up 2* teams since defense doesn’t make a difference? I just don’t understand the logic behind this competition other than hitting milestones. I’m not rewarded by winning each match since my highest score still hasn’t come close to the top-ranked player, yet I haven’t lost a single time. Can someone enlighten us on scoring, and the best way to progress in this game mode? I keep trying to look up Arena explanations and gameplay, and no details to be found. How long were scopely sitting on this, launched it in Beta, and yet can’t make sure all rules-scoring-formats are thoroughly explained. Why not have an employee available on the forum day of new launches to do live Q&A to make sure your player base isn’t losing their mind!? The frustration never ends.


It’s about spending coins I think???


Think??? Spending is all this game has become.


I believe by now there are some tactics, like hit the 4 highest opponents in a row, starting with the lowest reward of those 4 and build up. But you are still depending on luck, since you only get to see 8 random opponents of your leauge to choose from. I’ve beaten multiple top teams flawless already, but not even close to the top 10 on my board, it’s pointless lol.


It’s completely bullshit :slight_smile: I always hit 4 top highest score in a row with all 5 member alive and can’t get more than 17,5k points. When top 10 have around 22k. When play again and again I just got 1 pep with more than 5k points reward in 1st round, it’s still that guy with exactly same def team I hit before.
Now Scopely bring rng in rewards battle, just hit more and more, buy more then you will meet the same guy with extra points.
Completely bullshit


Penalised for being active. This game promotes inactivity. All you need to do is spend



Not even. All you have to do is be inactive and get into lower leagues. Just pathetic. Can’t wait for this season to end.


Lesson learnt. Wont bother doing any events except war. Will start next season in D1 and drop to Platinum. Staying there gets me better rewards than being in Diamond.

Failing upwards lol the direct results of them taking coins from everyone. Has a nice effect of having people who have no business in a league dropping down to a league they coast in and everybody else moving down to one below that

Why should I stay in a league where I score more than people in lower leagues, yet I get much worse rewards? Leagues simply measure activity not strength. You score 100k in war, I score 300k. I get promoted, you don’t. Am I a whale because Im more active than you?

So simple solution, I lower my activity to be in a league with similar strength people.


Oh I got what you’re saying and agree, those already there who aren’t similar strength to YOU will do the same , till we all reunite in bronze lol

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There’s also another funny thing. I attacked 4 times, every time attacked someone I could get the most points from. I didn’t lose a single toon in all 4 attacks. I’m 100 points behind the top2. The difference between our scores IS ONLY 100 POINTS and I’m at the 17th place, which means I won’t get anything relevant. They should let us have more attacks or something… The idea with rings is not that terrible, unlike arenas. How is it gonna work in the endurance mode? The more you spend the more points you’ll get? That’s bullsht

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Their arena here is just like the one in Looney Tunes. Useless

I’m at a point where I dont even care where I place. I was always in diamond league and dropped to platinum and dont even care if I get coins because on non war weekends it normally require spending some coins to get placed for coins. As far as arenas theres no points for defends and same as everyone else, like hordes u basically have to hit whose there, and it seems some are way ahead somehow even with flawless matches. Lack of info is unfortunately expected. Because why would any expect scopley to explain a new feature proper?

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I worked really hard to not get demoted from diamond League last week. Wish I hadn’t bothered! But since I stopped spending I need the coins. Although if everyone starts dropping it will just make the lower leagues harder anyway.

The fact is a game shouldn’t make you want to play less in order to be able to be competitive. It’s ridiculous.


You don’t get a demotion from platinum anymore. You got to platinum, you stay there and keep surviving :dagger:

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noooooooooooooooooo, whelp, guess I’ll have to stretch those veteran rings until they close it down as I won’t be getting any outside of the login lol

Another new feature. Another absolute failure.

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Unfair you say?

(I attacked 4 times, every time attacked someone I could get the most points from)

That’s where the problem is coming from … Think about it …