Arena scores. *1 5 times or *5 single time?

if you have 5 tickets. use 1 tickets and 5 times better or use 5 tickets one time better?

Use 1ticket and 5 times if you have good roster

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1 ticket 5 times is much better… you only get 60% of the point if you use 5 for 3x. Unfortunately I didn’t think it through before I used 3 for 2x first hit.

Even if you have to hit lower points to win with you single hits you’d have to get almost 2x the amount of points for a 5 ticket hit than you’d get from 5 individual hits

thx besides saving more toons from exhaustion. the best way is to use single ticket for attacking multiple times right?

Yeah especially if this low def keeps up… once you attack look at the teams you need to beat before setting a team… if you don’t need your best team assemble a decent one to prevent your best from being exhausted

I used the 5 tickets and two 3 tickets myself because I don’t have the toons to comfortably do 1 ticket, 11 times. Currently sat at 31k and 2nd place in the Gold Arena I’m in

If you use 5 tickets at once and lose one attack, you lose lots of points. Depends on your roster but using 1 ticket 5 times seems safer imo

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