Arena Scores [08/20]

Greetings Survivors,

We wanted to address the question around the fact that players are enquiring why their score does not appear to progress after engaging in a few Arenas battles.

As stated in our communication New Event Announcement: Arenas, Arenas feature new scoring modes which determine how you earn points:

  • Domination Mode: Compete over who can have the highest single-Entry score in a single Arena.

This mode, which only tracks your best score, not your cumulative score is working as intended.



How do we controll that we get opponents that gives more points… Not fair that some get good opponents and some dont.
Or give me a forfeit button so i can search new opponents direct.


Its not like we can score higher lol


Pray to RNGesus! thats all you can do tbh! :joy:
chosen Opponents are random, i dont even know why!

Fcking remove the rng element in this shitshow, it’s the worst event ever


Simply atk the high point opponenents and win lol
If you want to know the really shitty mode it’s endurance with the worn out shit
The wear out Is random af so you don’t know who gets worn out
And trust me that’s cumulative score which is worse domination
Means if you beat the high score like on a arcade game you win so if you beat a massive whales high score near the end of the arena you get the w lol so it can cost you only one arena ticket to win the event unlike endurance wish will eat cash like breakfast


Make it tactical. Give us 20 to choose from.
And points or something for defence so we keep good def up instead of stay low for tactics.

No cause u can lower your defense

Hey @GR.Scopely can you address the fact that your giving game changing prizes based on RNG?


RNG for arena not good man, really not good i’m not joking, or please add search button so i can refresh the opponents. thx.

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Hahaha I love that the whales hate this mode since they cant necessarily buy the win


20… they can barely get it to work as it is, prob lucky there were more opponents than the 4 attacks you were granted.
Not to worry by the time it comes round again they will expand it & break it again.

Thank you for your lovely insight but I am not a whale. Glad your having a great time because other players hate the game mode. Says a lot about you.

Actually I think that the only way to ‘change the game’ now is to leave it to RNG. Whales arn’t guaranteed the top prize so it should close that gap yeah? :joy:


This still does favor the whales more. They can keep buying tickets and trying over until they get a higher score. F2P get a select few chances.

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Close the gap? Good luck besting Double Pete/Priya teams if you’re not a whale. Whales will buy tickets until they get top scores.


Lowering also fucks people too, very unfair


Sure… but theres always gonna be that one ftp guy who got lucky first turn and gets a score that wont be beaten :joy::joy::stuck_out_tongue:. Love it

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