Arena Score glitching

So far every arena battle that I have completed I have scored first or second, according to the scoreboard. In the first classic I was given rewards for third place even though my screenshot says second, and then in the draft where I finished first I received prizes for 15th. Now this is not a slow connection, I’m sitting on a T3 here at Sony. I was online watching the scoring the whole time, and have screenshots progressing through it. I took this approach after getting screwed out of the second-place awards in the first round. And even though I took every defensive measure I could I still got shafted in the draft round. Of course your customer service as usual is useless. You need to fix the glitch before I start demanding refunds and start yet another complaining tirade on social media about how crappy you treat your customers.

Someone must have passed you near the end of the event.

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