Arena rewards wtf

You literally cant be serious with this shit… Where is the rest of my coins ffs


I miss coins too… So what’s that?
@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely

Same issue.

I came first and from 1k promised coins I got 1.399 lmao

Hey at least you got rewards. I got a goose egg.

This is what I got , after being 5th . a few hours ago
At least you get coins , all players in my league got nothing absolutely nothing
Thanks to scopley little bug called "fog of war "

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The whole thing is absolutely absurd - seconded only by the in-game support system or lack there of.

I went into this comfortably leading my solo league and with 15 gold tokens. Due to the absolute farce , I was forced to use my tokens on an event that bugged Vs teams from over 4000 players. Needless to say I didn’t do very well at all.

They then moved us to the correct groups where I was then comfortably beaten by people that were able to face normal teams. As a result I lost out on both solo league coins and the coins in the final.

Would be lovely for an update from Scopely but I doubt it would be forthcoming.

I’m actually pretty pissed off. In a week where Scopely seemed to be mending bridges with its playerbase (war token pull) they do this. Cheers

Can anyone from PC even tell us if they are acknowledging this massive f up ?

Same for me …

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I’m guessing it has to do with the scaling of coins based on how many coins people use in the arenas. Have you submitted a ticket yet?

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Tax probably :slight_smile:


Takes a week to get the rest of them

Yes i do . I wait for an answere …

Where my coins at scopes

Everyone will probably be curious with this. Hope it works out for you

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lol… maths…but on a side note…drafts and 5 star saves this. Domination too. Anyone can win. Talking with faction members and they love drafts…i think we all do. please do this right. Be so nice if a lv 20 could win. But hey is what it is…dont worry just a game.

No reward for placing at all in my arena. I will not bother playing this arena thing again. Not worth the time or effort.

where did you place? As in did you try? is it a bug.

If you spent for this event you got what you deserved!

That’s an idiot answer…

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I came first as a f2p deal with it