Arena rewards not sent at all

Won the draft arena 2 days ago. Scopely Support haven’t replied.

This is crap made Arena Championship much harder then I worked towards. I shouldve had 12 not 9 arena championship entries along with 20 rings and the other things. If I want to win it in time I’ll have to use Gold now. Cheers scopely for being incredibly messed up morally and like zombies brain dead

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no only you

They haven’t responded to me either. They’re screwing up my placing.

Same. No reply. Messed up how this happens.

Same here,20 tickets wasted

This has a big impact in leagues rankings too. I hope they fix it in time for you guys (and also that not too many move up and I don’t get knocked out of promotion lol).

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I already made a post about this on here and discord and I ain’t got a reply at all.

Probably going to be one of those ignore the issue and hope it goes away on scopely’s side of things

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Sad but true.

Damn you know them well lol

This is the message I got back

and yes I couldn’t read one side lol

My reply to that lol

Sorry to hear all you guys are experiencing the same.

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Lmao they’re the worst smh

I got the same exact message like you lol

That happens when you irresponsibly invest money in something that is not worth it lol

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Well believe it or not im a free to play player

Just an update I got the rewards minus the championship entries as soon as the Arenas ended. So it looks like trying to discourage free to play. I ain’t investing no money into any business that does this

Compensation rolled out, depending on number of gold tickets “earned”. Still dissatisfied?

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