Arena problem with ranking

Hello everyone I’ve just notice I’ve spend 2 tickets and I’m stay on same rank… that’s su…to be honest guys…

And when is come to see my rank I’m still on 18 …

It’s domination not endurance. That’s why.


Endurance is cumulative of all your entries. Domination just records your highest entry.

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You want endurance, that’s the spam one

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I didn’t get what you mean?can you explain better becall I attack higher tons for more points but from 8 attacks to stay on same position is not right…this score stay from when I used the free tickets…-_-

Did you score higher than 20227 on one of your entries?

You did two entries you say. What did you score entry 1? What did you score entry 2?

Same my friend that’s why I’m writing here… :confused:

An entry consists of 5 attacks. In domination if you do more than 1 entry they only keep your highest total points for the combined 5 attacks in that entry. You can do 2 entries in domination and score 20,000 in 1 and 22,000 in the 2nd and your final standing will be 22,000 not 42,000.

In endurance it all adds up.

Yeah I know that that’s why I’m going mad because I’ve just waisted 2 tickets for this who blow…-_- where is the support lol???

I still don’t get what the problem is. So you thought it was endurance and wasted a ticket not progressing your score?

Yes so I expect when I use the tickets I can reach top 5 but nothing just staying on same score and rank :man_shrugging:

That’s domination. That’s how it works. You have to do better than your top score. You can keep trying to get a higher score but there is no guarantee that you will. It only keeps your highest score. If you want to do better keep wasting tickets to try to get a better group of opponents.

So need to make 5 attacks from 5k so I can reach my score if that’s you mean because dosen’t make any sense.

How you can see I use again one ticket and nothing…:man_shrugging:

Honestly I cannot understand what you are saying. If you use a ticket and you do not score more than 20,227 then your score will stay the same. Are you saying something different is happening? Are you scoring more than 20,227 in your 5 attacks?

I get it what you mean,thank you and sorry for this spam

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