Arena points problem

Is dosen’t matter how you kill someone the points are always lower than they show!?!..!

And picture after when I kill , iven in 3 turns and nos special skills used .I try more than 25 different attacks so to beat but no my point always low than they show


This has been going on for at least a week, I haven’t seen a direct response from Scopely but definitely a well known issue on the forums.

@LadyGeek, you are the go to on bug reports, is Scopely aware of the discrepancies with Arena scores and actively reviewing it or have an explanation for what is displayed and what is actually received?

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Not from last week more than week but I’ve think is from me but nope …show like that always

same issue losing out on lots of points


Before I started the arena battle it said the points I could get was over 12k as well, so 3 different amounts for arena points smh

Annoying but does it matter if everyone is experiencing issue?

Max points possible may be what’s shown there. But the other discrepancy needs an explanation for sure.


The fact that In arenas that The more active u are in the game it puts u in an arena that it’s harder to get rings is stupid. This needs to be changed . Also the fact that league of champions is random people from all different leagues so one of the dumbest things you could have ever done why on earth is it like that this is completely unfair because arena after arena people that spend tons can simply buy the prizes easily and it happens all the time. A person that is actively grinding to try to get ahead in the game without spending is now being put into a league where it’s much harder to get a prize for no reason at all

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JB knows the answer. To the first issue. Second discrepancy TBD

Same problem here im finish the fight in 6 turns and im only won 7 k of 15 k and in my mind im saw waht heppen

same here and thats sucks

Exactly, like I don’t get it…why not put us to battle with ppl from our league tier or close to it,like say plat 1-2,plat3-4,plat5-dia1 etc

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As long as it’s for everyone I’m ok with that, but who would know🤷🏼‍♂️

I’m having this same issue. How can you say For sure everybody is? What if some aren’t and those players are getting inflated points compared to ones who are getting dinged?

Here’s what the screen said I was receiving:

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But what even the calculation said I was supposed to. The available was much higher:

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I see is not only with me ,thank you guys

@JB.Scopely Arena point$ $till not fixed.

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Depends from where they’re removing the points. If points are being reduced from number of turns bonus then it will impact those who take less turns.

I’ve stated this a few times to support but keep getting the max points possible, yet this post clearly demonstrates better. Most players have had this discrepancy for 2-3-4 weeks now where we cant even hit in any kind of domination arena because were always losing about 20% of the end score

Yet, they cancel hordes on a whim if there is any bugs there but not these arenas


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