Arena point bug

Hi, i think there is some problems with the arena point system this week. People were getting 70k in domination mode what was literally impossible.
Also today i went one round of endurance and got way more points than supposed to get. For example when i went a battle for 5k i got 7k, and ended up with 45k with just one round.
I guess the 70k points were the same…
Please fix it, cuz now the whole week is wasted for me in arena without champions tickets becouse of a bug :slight_smile:

You should get that golden or champions ticket just after 6 entries. Means you have to use normal tickets at least 1 or 2 times, that’s what actually everyone does when the Endurance mode is up.

Not a bug they updates it if you look it gives bonus points for how many turns it took etc …

Im not sure you totally understood what i said. Im talking about domination mode mostly. Do you think 70k is normal score when previously 35k was the max?

I just realized that in one of my runs the system gave more points to me than its supposed to.

How can i check these new rules and what gives bonus? Cuz i cant find it anywhere.

People doing 140k in dominace. Don’t be surprised, there will always be people who find loopholes to gain more points.

mine was odd aswell 5 teams all around 6-7k mark getting 12k+ ended free ticket at 65k

Once you’ve done your hit don’t go off the screen and if you click on what you scored it should show bonus scores in green underneath

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